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    I need a proof reader for a story I was writing. My current proof reader has been afk, so I don't have anyone to give me an outside opinion. If anyone would like to help it would be great.

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    Hi, Babygohan. How long is your story? I'm a writer by profession (Communications Manager), and happy to help out, but time is tight. Let me know!


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    I wrote three chapter, but the first two chapters have already been proof read.

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    Hi, Baby. Sorry for the late response, but my work keeps me very busy. Given that this is a story in progress, and I don't know what kind of guidance your current proofreader is providing--or even which style guide he or she is using--I think it's best I not jump into the middle like this. I'm also just not sure when I'd be able to get to it. Sorry, I thought it would be a self-contained short story.


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