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    Hello everyone! I'm new here but not too new to diapers, I'm looking for advice on buying diapers. Specifically im looking for small quantities of diapers what with me living at home, the only one's ive bought before are the ones online from cuddlz because they do starter packs of just 2 and they are much easier to hide.
    Any advice would be just fabulous ! <3 x

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    Buying 2 diapers at a time is pretty wasteful considering the amount of money for only 2.

    I don't know what your room looks like, it'd what other options you have.
    What I have done is bought a big opaque plastic storage bin that I have put my diapers in. Then I put my out of season clothes on top. I'm sure they are numerous place to purchase by pack rather than a case. You just got to plan out your hiding place, only you know what your house looks like.

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    Hmm good advice I didn't mention thought my mother is extremely hmm. . . . . . Sneaky and inquisitive meaning she actively searches my room for anything out of the ordinary so yeah it is a huge waste but it's the only way to keep them hidden away from my parents but what else can I do *shrugs* thanks for the quick reply anyway x

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    Do you have a dresser with your clothes in it? Maybe there's room under the bottom drawer?

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    Tried that once to hide some chocolate, found it the exact same day. Oh well no worries

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    How about your box spring for your mattress? Is there a way to put things in it?

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    There might be actually, I do have some empty bed space underneath my bed so I might try and see if I'm able to lift my bed up and slip some under there thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matty491 View Post
    There might be actually, I do have some empty bed space underneath my bed so I might try and see if I'm able to lift my bed up and slip some under there thanks!
    I'd be cautious of this if you're worried about snooping. Under the bed and its variations are pretty much the beginning of a search. There's also the legitimate excuse that mattresses should be flipped periodically and if that could lead to discovery, it's like it will inevitably occur at the worst time. My stuff was discovered twice at home and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My parents weren't even nosy, it was just a matter of looking in my closet (which had stuff in it other than just mine) and my hiding place being poor. If you're going to keep a stash, make sure it's a good hiding place. Otherwise, get smaller batches and/or use things in shorter stints and do without most of the time.

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