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    Default hi^^ im new

    hi.. im Onyx Rae Darkfang... im a diaper fur.. i love in cape town.. ive been trying to find people in my area that share the diaper love as i do so that i wont be so alone and scared.. would be nice to make some friends...

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    Hello Onex Rae Darkfang and welcome to the group.

    Could you please take a moment and tell us a little bit about yourself such as your hobbies and interest.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Lets all hear about your experience and your interests! What do you like to do bud?

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    well i... im from jhb.. i work for a company called mindtag which picked me up after i went broke trying to get to the us.. i love and live music.. i wanna be a dj.. i currently have a daddy who looks after me... tho as i say.. ive been down in the dumps and am broke.. so no diapers for me.. my daddy is my mate.. we are both furries.. i plan to teach my daddy to wear diapers.. my real name is joshua... i like to be called onyx or rae as i am a girl wolf pup.. i am 100% bottom so my nature is sub with a dom side.. i love games and stuff and most of my reasons for trying to the US was to find other people who share my intrests and are diaper furs.. but now that i know that im not alone in SA i feel kinda shocked.. ive only been in cape a few weeks.... im new and boy am i getting lonely....

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    Lonely. I can identify with that. One thing that I have found is that the folks here are great. Chat away in the topic specific forums and you'll soon realize that you are far from alone. Geographically maybe. Spiritually, no.

    I'm making a bit of a transition myself. Been in denial for a good while. The folks here are really accepting.


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