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Thread: Bad timing...

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    Default Bad timing...

    Has this ever happened to anyone else...

    You're padded...and you're in the process of "enjoying" being padded...and right at the moment of "happiness" the phone rings, and the talking caller ID tells you who it is... ( member...etc.) ruining your whole happy experience?

    Well it happened to me today!


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    I don't see why that would be such a big deal. You pick up the phone, you talk for two minutes, you hang up, done. Back to normal.

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    I could think of much worse cases of interruption, Your mom walking in to your room whilst padded.... and luckily i was in bed under the covers i spat my pacifier out. i was so scared holding them covers down tightly. Whilst she was talking to me wanting more help on her laptop. >.>;;;

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    TALKING Caller ID?
    damn - that sounds annoying on in its own right...

    That aside - how about ignoring the phone?

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    You would think that it would be easy - ignore the phone, talk for a few mins etc, after all, they are at the other end of the phone and cannot know.


    It really does spoil the moment.


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    When I need time to myself the phone becomes as important as a frozen pizza in the freezer (Please leave a message. I will get back to you as soon as I am finished enjoying my diaper!). Essentially non-existant. Although, I have had a knock at the front door once while padded and it gave me a startle. After assessing the situation I simply decided not to answer the door either.

    I HIGHLY value my privacy and alone time as rare as it may be.

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    Reminds me of a time I was padded, had wet a bit, then sat down. The phone ran and I went to answer it, and while I was talking to my mother, I started accidentally dribbling in my diaper, just out of the blue.

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    Default Bad timing...

    This is a true story that just happened about...10 minutes ago? Ish?

    I'm currently out camping at a popular rock climbing destination near where I live with a friend of mine (place is called the Red River Gorge, if anyone's heard of it).

    Anyways, speaking of bad timing...I just got a bambino teddy on earlier when she was off taking a freaking 45 minute long shower at the little bathhouse in this campground, and was laying on the length of a picnic table bench somewhat falling asleep to the flickering campfire beside me.

    Anyways, she just got back from her shower and I guess saw me sort-of sleeping and decided to honk the horn of the car parked a few feet away.

    I literally fell off the picnic table semi-headfirst, and face planted on the gravel covered ground with my shirt falling upside down a bit. If it wasn't pretty dark out she probably would have seen what I had on under these jeans.


    Plus almost fell into a fire pit. Are diapers flame retardant?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Over Christmas break, my granddaughter was supposed to come over and visit, mostly to play a few games with my mother-in-law. I went to bed diapered as mother-in-law goes to bed early. I can always get up and go downstairs to the bathroom and avoid her. For some odd reason, my granddaughter showed up (got left off) very early. My mother-in-law opened the door to let her in, but that set off the house alarm. There's a big fine if it's a false alarm, so out I came running into the kitchen in a wet diaper, covered by my shorts and a nightshirt.

    My mother-in-law was so panicked by the alarm that she held the front door open which negated my punching in the code. As a result, the alarm went in and we got the phone call, all while I'm diapered and feeling like an idiot. I slowly backed out of the kitchen hoping no one noticed the diaper bulge. That was a lot worse than a phone call.

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    Maybe I should have been more specific...was trying to be discreet. When I said "enjoying" I meant I was masturbating. When I said "Happiness" I meant I was in climax. So the phone rang right at that moment, announcing who it was...and it was not someone I wanted to be thinking about whilst "in the moment". It was a real downer if you know what I mean. Anywho...


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