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    Just joined so thought I'd say hello. I like to ware cloth nappies with plastic pants but love to have plastic pants over my undies and then wet my pants a little at a time, any one do the same. I'd love to chat to anyne but especial any one in the uk.

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    hello everyone, just joined and liking what I've seen so far, my love is for plastic pants, either over a nappy or over my undies, (just in case of accidents) hope to make lots of new friends here. love to chat to people. even better if your in the uk

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    Hello there!! Pleasure to meet a fellow UK diaper lover

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    Welcome to the forum, I'm another one from the UK also quite new (and a fan of plastic undies too...).

    Might be worth having a look at the stickies at the top of the forum and telling us a little more about yourself. I confess that I did not get it entirely right when I first joined either.


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    Hello and welcome!

    I am becoming more and more attatched to my plastic pants. They feel great. I usually wear at night stuffed to the max with cloth. I do not wear underwear right now, Since diapers are my favorite.

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    Sure, I just forgot the plastic pants. If I wore underwear I would wet them a little, then go to ladies room without pulling them down. Felt pretty awesome. Just had to make sure I had a spare pair handy.

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    Welcome to the forum.Another from the UK.Be good to chat and know more about you

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    I'm from the UK and happy to chat. Please feel free to PM me anytime.

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    Hi and welcome!!! your not the only plastic pants lover!!!! Please tell us about yourself!! what sports you like what do you do for fun? this is not just about your ab/dl but more about who we are!!

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