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    Red face Hey there!

    Hi everyone, my name is Joseph. I'm a friendly and humorous guy. I'm a freshman studying mechanical engineering.

    Since I was little, I had an interest towards diapers, but it wasn't untill recently that I experienced with them. I would describe myself mostly as a DL, but with a little AB side.

    I love cars, robots and music. Robots are my passion, and they led me to study mechanical engineering. Music is my way of relaxing, and I like a lot of genres.
    I've lurked a bit before joining (bit shy of me) and I'm happy to find people that think the same way as me and share the same diaper interests. I'm not a great writer, but I like to read what is posted, so don't expect many comments from me (I'll do my best though ).

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    Welcome to the group!

    I should not worry about lurking first, I did much the same.

    I'm another DL although, I have a bit of a sissy side that I'm only just admitting to myself and an interest in PVC. You will find that we are all different, with different proportions of AB/DL/SIssy/Little and other interests. That's what makes this a wonderful, diverse place where you can be yourself.

    I'm also a music nut with tastes from 15th century choral music right through to blues, hard rock, metal and occasionally that catchy pop tune that I cannot dislodge... If you like blues/rock check out Sonny Landreth, a good story teller and lyricist. Well known in the South of the USA but not so much where I am (Scotland).

    Anyway, I'm rambling...


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    Welcome to the best group on the planet! Okay, maybe just for all us DL fans. It is super being a part of this and 'meeting' you, Joseph. Have fun with all those great interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JosephL View Post
    I'm not a great writer, but I like to read what is posted, so don't expect many comments from me (I'll do my best though ).
    First, welcome to ADISC.
    Second, so long as you contribute positively, you're good: that's the entire point of being here.
    Third, have fun and worry about everything else later.

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