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Thread: Goodby Depends Pullups - Hellooo Molicare Super Plus

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    Default Goodby Depends Pullups - Hellooo Molicare Super Plus

    So, been reading and learning from you all and just got some Molicare Super Plus...

    Oh, the anticipation. Are they really so much better? Had a sneak peak and they are plastic backed, not cloth backed.

    I know what I am doing tonight!

    Got to go out this evening first though. Not feeling ready to head outside diapered. Hmmm... One step at a time. It's only been a few weeks thus far.

    Soooo exited!


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    I get my Molicare Super Plus diapers provided by the Veteran's Adminstration (VA). They are a vast improvement over those LOW BID Medline Protection Plus diapers that they originally provided. The Molicare's fit and absorb ALOT more. The leak guards prevent those embarrassing leaks I had from the Medline's. And in the long run the VA saves a lot of money since I change a lot less using less than 1/2 - 2/3 what I was using with the medline's. Although the Molicare's are not certainly the cutest diapers the Barney Purple is certainly better than institutional green.

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    Angelica, really pretty Avatar!

    OK, so till now I had only used the Depends pull ups. Now I am faced with the much more substantial Molicare. Turns out that putting a diaper in yourself is much harder than I thought... I seemed to need three hands. Still, it is on and secure - feeling pretty comfy too. I'm sure that I'll get better at this.

    Question to those that go 24/7 - how do you avoid a tell-tale waddle or do you wear something lightweight when you are outside?


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    Quote Originally Posted by DLEdinburgh View Post

    Question to those that go 24/7 - how do you avoid a tell-tale waddle or do you wear something lightweight when you are outside?

    The waddle is not as obvious as you might think. Even the bulk between your legs is not really visible to the unknowing eye (unless you want other people to see it). I'm not 24/7 but I wear diapers very often when I'm outside and over the time I've tried quite a lot of them, even Comficares. Long story short: I don't like it Not because they are to thick, but being nighttime diapers, they don't work (at least for me) out&about. Especially the Molicares gave me a hard time as they often started leaking at around 800g, which is nowhere near their full capacity.

    One problem might be, that the padding on the backside doesn't contain very much SAP and the pulp doesn't hold the drink, as well as compared to daytime diapers (like Attends or Tena), the rubberbands from the leg cuffs, which should give them a snug fit, don't extend up all the way to the waistline and the padding is too big for them to be effective.

    Anyway, you can still have a lot of fun with the Molicares

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