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Thread: new XPMedial Absorbency Plus diapers

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    Default new XPMedial Absorbency Plus diapers

    I'd about run out of my "non premium" diapers and was on xpmed's web site and see they have their own new diaper line. Sure, why not. Ordered a 1/2 case each of L3 ad L4. They just arrived last night and I am extremely impressed, and wanted to share my early experiences with everyone on them.

    The first thing I noticed is the two half cases were the same size, even for being the same size diaper and supposedly one a higher absorbency than the other. Opening the boxes, the three L4 bags looked identical in size to th three L3 bags. I double checked the labels to make sure they didnt send me 6 of the same, but no, 3 L3 and 3 L4. Huh. ok. took one of each out for inspection.

    I love the shell. It's that same extremely soft and smooth shell that assure/breeyo use. It feels like silk or satin. Not stiff like abena, not hard like the front panel on bambino, not rough like the main shell on bambino and many others. VERY soft and smooth.

    And thick. The padding appears to be high-pulp, and is also very soft. And about 3-4x as thick as a breeyo/assure, the padding is very flexible and not stiff like any of the high sap diapers. (atn/bambino/247) So the entire diaper is just incredibly soft.

    These size large. They remind me of Abena Xplus in that way, the diaper is very long and has a substantial "dead zone" of no padding on the ends, no elastic front or back. Bambino for comparison size smaller. So if a bambino large fits ok or a bit bit on you, you definitely want to go medium on these. Size it like you'd size an xplus.

    The tapes are also a great surprise. The top and bottom tapes are actually placed far apart. (what is wrong with these manufacturers lately, placing the tapes so close to each other? terrible idea) So you can actually tape well up and down the diaper and not have such large overhangs.

    There's no retape panel, so the entire diaper is very soft. And the tapes are singles, not doubles, so you get one shot to get it right. The adhesive on the tapes is really strong. I had difficulty with all four tapes, getting them pulled open off the back panel. There is NO chance of these tapes popping.

    And a very pleasant surprise from the tapes. They are all white, they don't have the blue colored pull on the end. But the pull is folded, and slightly softened. The tape is still a somewhat stiff material though. This has a wonderful effect that I just love. When you put down the tapes, they lay flat, the pull does NOT turn upward, and the corners are not sharp. I try to sleep on my back, and I tend to lay my hands down inside my hips, touching my diaper, and my wrists are almost always getting jabbed by corners on the top tapes. NOT with these diapers. The pulls stay down flat for the most part, and when my wrist does catch one, it's not like getting a safety pin driven into my arm.

    So, these are, hands-down, the most comfortable diaper I've ever tried. The shell is incredibly soft, the fit is very good, and the tapes just disappear afer you've taped up. As for looks, the diaper is ALL white. No decorated panel, no colored tabs. The wetness indicator is a blue dots product code down the middle of the diaper, but is [i]very/i] difficult to see while dry. When wet, it changes to a muddy light blue, which is visibile but not obnoxious.

    Now about capacity. I've tried to wear breeyo for wetting, and it's rarely "safe". Laying on my back in bed, one large, SLOW wetting will saturate the diaper to within 1" of the end in the back. (yikes) This diaper is using what feels like the same type of padding and shell, but the padding is so much thicker. One large wetting didn't even get halfway to the back. So I expect this diaper to be good for 2-3 full wettings, probably a capacity of an Xplus L3 or a bit under a bambino.

    I will try their L4 tonight with heavier wetting tests. As I said above, the L3 and L4 are externally identical looking. The 4's weigh a bit more, I expect due to mixing in more sap. (it's possible the L3 has NO sap, just a LOT of padding, so if you want a diaper that wicks well, there you have it) One other difference I noticed is the L3 has a (fake?) surge zone pained in blue on the inside down the middle, just like the Breeyo does. The L4 does NOT have this. So without having any L1 or L2 to compare, I'm speculating that the L1, 2, and 3 are all based closely on the breeyo, with the changes being a white shell, MUCH better tapes, and thicher padding. (the L1 may be the same padding as the breeyo?) The L4 may be a more heavily modified breeyo, with L3 grade padding but infused with a lot of sap instead of painting on that blue in the middle.

    Other notes: the shipping is discrete as always with xpmedical. I ordered two 1/2 cases and they shipped them taped together as a single case, and did not charge me anything for ground shipping. I don't know if they would ship a single 1/2 case alone without charging shipping. These diapers have NO leak guards, but considering the fast wicking, good fit, low bottom tape, and wide padding in front and back, I don't think that they're needed. They have no front or rear elastic, and have three strong elastic threads on each side, that are above padding (unlike breeyo) which just continues to add to the comfort and fit.

    L4 Large by the case: $89 (shipped) for 64. ($1.39/ea) Compare to $1.61/ea for bambino or $1.67/ea for Xplus. Absolutely worth it. Bambino still competes due to higher sap and prints, but there's simply NO reason to get Xplus.

    Lets hear some feedback from others that have tried these out!

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    I'm equally impressed with the Level 4's. I'm getting my third case delivered today. I use mine as my main diaper for morning
    use. After Gary improved the tapes from the first production run I haven't had any tape failures. I also haven't had any leak
    problems with them either. I can't comment on overnight wear as I use cloth for that.

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