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Thread: Padded at conventions?

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    Question Padded at conventions?

    After reading the article, "Convention 101 for Babyfurs", I'm just curious as to how many Diaperfurs or Babyfurs here wear diapers at conventions, whether it be wearing under clothes or under fursuits. I'm not really a Babyfur, I'm more like a Diaperfur. I have been really interested in the Furry fandom for quite some time now and I plan to go to my first Fur convention at the end of the year. Just wish I had the cash for a nice fursuit. I really want to wear one to a con, it just looks like it would be so comfortable.

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    So far for me, diapers are for cub parties. Not saying that there might not be some leeway there but that's how it has been. If I had a fursuit, I think I'd be too paranoid to ever use a diaper while wearing one. It's too expensive an item to risk damaging it in that way.

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    If I'm at a con, I'm generally padded for most of it. That said, I dress in plain clothes and don't flaunt it.

    If you're looking for cub friendly cons though, check out Rainfurrest, Texas Furry Fiesta (My annual convention) or Furry Weekend Atlanta. Anthrocon also isn't bad, but it's notoriously overwhelming, with four hotels and all.

    As far as suits go, realllly nice ones aren't too bad. Cheap ones will sweat you to death without good cooling methods though. The key is passive cooling methods, be they built into the suit or something you add (Ice packs in a shirt with pockets are what some use)

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    Cub parties? Yes. always. Course some cub parties get creepy. But some if not a lot of cubs like to be padded the whole time. Why care if you won't see the people again.

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    I'm padded for the whole con, even in suit unless im going to be doing the fursuit games. But only do it in suit if you can take the heat.

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    I am often padded up at cons, sometimes in fursuit too if I have to be in it for over an hour.

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    I've been to a few conventions of some sort, but not a furry convention (yet), and I didn't wear diapers to them. I can't say I wouldn't do it.

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    Went to my first Con this year in New Zealand which was over the Waitangi weekend. Yup, I kept my 24/7/365 policy about me wearin' nappies at FurCoNZ too =^/.~=
    Mind you, nobody knew I wore 'em either. They were too distracted by my guitars

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    Heheheheheheh just goes ta show y'all that nobody knows if ya keep quiet about it.

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