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Thread: Diapers as a gift?

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    Default Diapers as a gift?

    Ever have friends or family surprise you with diapers as a gift?

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    My wife bought me 4 cases of Providers Choice Active ultra plus diapers for my birthday! I found them on Ebay for sale before they disappeared. I showed her what I wanted and she bought them. Does that count? If I had known in January that Tena slip maxis were going cloth backed I would have had her buy me cases of those! Instead I bought a case of M4's and 40 SDK.

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    My now ex wife bought me my first cloth nappies, at the time it was a big moment as I felt she had finally accepted my thing by surprising me with the present

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    I gave diapers as a Christmas gift once but not because I wanted to. I was a young teen and purchased my very first adult diapers. They were Walgreen's brand and I vividly remember trying to cram the package into my school bag. Back then diapers were not compressed like they are today and luckily duffel bags were the "in" thing over back packs. It was around Christmas time and I guess my brother was snooping around my room and found the diapers. So I made up a story that they were going to be "fake" Xmas gifts. So I ended up buying a can of "spray Poo" from Spencers and losing several diapers wrapping them up as "gifts" for my siblings. I remember my parents being less than thrilled that I had "wasted" money on joke gifts.

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    My wife hasn't bought me diapers because I think she sees them as less interesting, but she has bought me three footed sleepers, three onsies, two plushies, two sippy cups, one pair of bib overalls, one shortall and a partridge in a pear tree. It was a baby partridge.

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    Not directly, tho when me and my mate ordered some Teddies, he did a surprise order of some Bellissimo's
    for the both of us. :3

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    Default Diapers as a gift?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiburon View Post
    Ever have friends or family surprise you with diapers as a gift?
    Kindddd of...but not entirely.

    I did have a family member of mine (cousin) help me out in ordering/shipping a case of bambino teddies. I still paid for them myself, but she helped get them in my hands eventually when it would have been impossible otherwise, due to the living with family situation I'm in.

    She even helped with hiding them, somewhat.

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    No, I have not. It would be awesome if I did though.

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    I have not either!!! I only wish I had a mommy or was a daddy then birthdays would be so cool!!!!!!!

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