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Thread: does some company have robot themed training pants? (CVS I thought)

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    Default does some company have robot themed training pants? (CVS I thought)

    All of a sudden I was pondering on the thought because I was thinking of my fursona wearing them sometimes and not really for me but now it sounds really fun for me too even if I can't fit inTo them. I thought I saw them at CVS when I got the girl themed ones and thought nothing of it but now I'm obsessing on the unhealthy and was just wondering if someone had a front and back pic or something since that's all I'm looking for and permission to use it on Fur affinity for refrence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpAzpieSweeTot View Post
    The honest company has robots
    do you have a pic or link to one and are they training pants? ( not like it matters it would be more for collection reasons.

    edit I found a pic and I love the robot but I find it a bit odd on how they did it with trucks all over it as well. thanks for the info! I love the concept of mixing two things and I might try it!

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