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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the forums and new to being a DL. I am a professional manager and have, for many years had a bit of a PVC fetish (in private). I have to confess,that I have been curious about diapering for some time although initially as a way to avoid taking off my PVC onesie to go to the toilet at night.I took the plunge a a few nights ago.

    In all, I am feeling a little unsure of myself and wonder if there is anyone else whose PVC attire goes beyond plastic pants or am I really just a very odd?

    As to my interests, I am an avid cinema goer and like travelling.

    I have to confess that I have been poking around the site for about a day and am starting to feel slightly better about myself.


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    Thanks Parcel Boy, much appreciated.

    I had depression last year (now largely better - Mindfulness rocks!) but there really has been this nagging voice in the background that is overly self critical and not constructive..

    After looking around the site, I take heart that I am not alone and actually I think that I shall (Carefully) embrace my inner DL... (he needs a hug!)


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    Hi and welcome. As you can see, you are among good company here. We all have our various different reasons for our diaper habit.

    Feel free to look around and ask questions if need be, we are a support community and are glad to help.

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    *hugs* welcome to DL and ADISC. It is amazing how much life can improve with a support group like us. Pvc sounds hot, but I was cold natured my whole life until I decided to get back into diapers. Now I am warm and cozy all day and all night. I am here because I have always enjoyed wetting and just thought it was me being weird until now when I join this org.

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    Thanks Fascinating,

    Yes, PVC can be hot (but not uncomfortable), it can also be warm, comforting and secure. Funny though, since I took the plunge and put on a diaper, that seems the more important aspect. It has been on my mind for a long time. I'm glad that I found the forum.

    Off to work now. Have to earn the pennies...


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