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Thread: I wear free Euron nappy pads and rubber pants which I get from the NHS continence service.

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    Smile I wear free Euron nappy pads and rubber pants which I get from the NHS continence service.

    Since I was born 69 years ago, I have not had a night without wearing either Rubber pants and terry nappies or Plastic pants and pads, I get all my pads and pants for free from the NHS continence service, I go to a continence clinic twice a year, get asked the same questions and usually leave, a year ago I was asked did I want to take part in a trial of different incontinent wear, I said yea why not.
    A new supplier sent to me a large brown box via DHS delivery service, inside was two pairs of rubber pants, and a packet containing six new style pads, that night I tried on the pads, the are placed the legs and you pull them up, and secure the two parts together with four securing tabs, I put them on quite tight, then I undid another packet and out slid two pairs of light blue high sided rubber pants, the smell took me back to my childhood, they were so soft to wear, and they stretched up to my lower chest, I lay on the bed to feel what they would be like I was in heaven they were so soft and the pad felt tight against my inner legs around my groin area, I also noticed that all four securing tabs could be reused again, in case I had to take the pad off, for some reason, my wife saw them and said they look alright, she felt them and said they are so soft and silky, I filled in a question request form and returned the form back to the company that had sent it, three weeks later I was told that I would now be getting free pairs of rubber pants and the new Euron pads to wear, I have to purchase my own mattress covers and pillow cases but that isnt any problem.

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