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    Hi Aussie Friends,
    I have found a cheap case of factory seconds unique superio $35
    Manufactures Seconds, Wellness Brief, Adult Nappy, Incontinence, Australia

    If you purchase this item you must recognise that any percentage of the product may be defective in some way, this batch may have problems with the tapes or other defects which can normally be easliy rectified using other tape. We are liquidating this batch of product which may have defects and will not accept any claims / returns for defects

    And also:

    The difference between the Unique Superio and Normal Wellness is that the Superio actually have new absorbency technology compared with the standard nappy which allow a more speedy absorption and thus less likely to flood..Secondly, the leg guards a massive by comparison - again reducing the likelyhood of flooding.. Thirdly, the Superio's have a wide landing strip on the front and have fantastic sticky tabs in comparison to their predecessor

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    I bought a case of these a while ago (from physiosupplies their parent company). The tapes are in the wrong place (too low). Every one of the 40 or so I have opened have had the tapes stuck to the outer plastic or the inside padding. Many have tapes missing entirely. They all have tiny pinholes in the outer plastic which means the moisture seeps through very easily. Maybe I just got really unlucky, but I wish I'd saved my $35 because they are pretty terrible. Also they are not the superio ones they are the standard wellness briefs.

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    Thanks for the warnong.Hmm $5 more to get a normal 20 pack of standard or 18pk of supeio. ill get a sample first. Apparently DUC charge $3 more than their parent company Physiosupplies for Abri-form M4s, No idea why.

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    Sample ordered.
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