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Thread: Moments when you wish you had a diaper

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    Default Moments when you wish you had a diaper

    Today at work I was involved in all day meetings for over ten hours. I also ordered a large hot tea at breakfast and was drinking caffeine throughout the day. We had breaks and actually despite all the tea, I outlasted one if the other participants who had to ask us for a bathroom break before lunch.

    But several times throughout the day I found myself squirming a bit and feeling uncomfortable. And it's so hard not to think about how nice it would be to just relax while wearing a nice, thick diaper and not have to worry about holding it.

    Anybody else have moments, at work or elsewhere, where you really wished you could just be wearing a diaper?

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    I wish I had one whenever I go out of the house,I hate having to use public bathrooms they don't seem clean to me.

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    I learned my lesson now so I am going to be prepared for long hours. It makes no sense that a person can be pressured into working so many hours without s break, but I am going to take advantage of my DL underwear any time I need them.

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    Pretty much any time I need to "go" and there is not a bathroom handy, I'm like, "sure would be nice to be wearing about now."

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    Toward the end of a big game your team is down by one and you get a Urgent Urge to go to the bathroom. Just as it looks that your team might actually score and win the game while your off to or go in the bathroom.
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    One day, I was 19 and was attending College.
    I went back to my parents for the week-end but had to go back to the city I was studying on the Sunday afternoon.

    It was a 2-hours ride (bus/train). Just before leaving, I thought about putting a diaper on as I had one with me but thought it would be wasted for such a short travel time. In the end, it turned out to be a 4 hours-ride.
    So, the bus ride went fine and I was waiting my train in a very small train-station (ie No Bathroom there).

    I was waiting and waiting and waiting.. and the train wasn't coming. Turned out, it was canceled and I had to take the next one.. more than 1 hour later. At the time, I had to go but thought I could wait till I arrive, or simply go in the train toilet.
    Finally, the train arrives and SURPRISE it was as full as my bladder was (and that means really crowded). I couldn't even sit. It was that crowded because a lot of trains were canceled and it was one of the only one for this destination.

    So, I was there, standing, with a diaper on my backpack, hating myself for not diapering before leaving. I was so desperate that it actually hurt to hold it. It hurt so much that the pain lasted a few moments after I relieved myself...

    From now on, whenever I can easily do it, I put a diaper on before travelling, especially if it's by train...

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    Actually, I had one of those a little while ago at a movie; it was the first time in a long time I just couldn't hold it in and I couldn't focus on the film, so I had to get up and miss a significant chunk of it... Yes, I actually go to a movie theater to watch a movie instead of to pad up and practice wetting myself in public; I know, I'm the crazy one here. :P

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    My former job required me to stay put with no breaks of any kind for 2-3 hours at a time. I debated about wearing on that job, but didn't due to fears of co-workers noticing.

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    @koda42: I've had an incident like that with trains, though ironically caused by having diapers at home but not with me. I was at a friend's place being a big kid (they have no idea I like diapers and I don't plan to change that) and I'd had a few beers. When I was leaving, I guess the beers hadn't quite worked their way through me, and I knew I planned to pad up when I got home, so I decided not to go potty before leaving.

    Only the train that was supposed to come in 15 minutes didn't. It was more like an hour and a half. Then they held it at several stations because it was the last one of the night.

    I ended up squirming in my seat pretty much the whole way back, crossing and uncrossing my legs. I did "make it," but only in the sense of getting taped up at home before letting go. Felt amazing.

    @ClandestineWing: I haven't padded up at a movie theater either. I did order popcorn and a large soda when I saw The Lord of the Rings films, though. >_<

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    I think I've mentioned this before in other contexts, but yes once. Bad stomach flu and called in sick. Decided to just lay in bed all day, felt terrible. Tried to hold it in as long as possible and take as few toilet breaks as I could, help condense things down a bit so it wasn't just like running a faucet if you know what I mean, all yellow water and that's about it, no substance to it. Lots of gas while in bed. Oops, that one I shouldn't have trusted! Up and run into the bathroom. Mostly just wet briefs. No idea why it had never occurred to pad up that day, I had a cab full of diapers right there. Was kicking myself after that, what a fool!

    Anyway, year later, same issue. Called in and was gonna sleep all day again. But this time I was more prepared. Took some pepto bismol, went to the toilet to clear out best I could, and padded up and went to bed. Was in bed for a good 8 hrs, gas almost continuously as I drifted in and out of consciousness but nothing else.

    So evening comes around and I get up to get some food and hit the bathroom, take off my diaper, surprise. Looks like a soot bomb exploded in there, no substance, no moisure, just a weird black soot covering almost the entire back padding of my diaper. Apparently that's what pepto bismol does to you? Glad that wasn't my underwear/bed!!!

    Lesson learned: stomach flu? absolutely pad up!

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