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    So, a question hit me while working and I thought I'd ask it, if you could have any animal body part surgically added to your body and have a 105% guarantee that it would be fully functional, what would it be and why? Personally. I would LOVE to have a tail because TAIL! TAILS ARE AWESOME!

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    Oh, side note, can a mod shove this to off topic as my tablet thought this was a good thing for the AB section as opposed to where I was trying to post it. Thanks in advance

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    Speaking as someone with a science background, yes. They use pig valves in the heart and a few other small things for reconstruction. However the side effects is the need for major doses of antirejection drugs and incompatible tissue. As I see it all that you would have is a hunk of barely living tissue on you backside, because the nerve connections and function would not be there and it would be necrotic and atrophied with time.

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    If we could fuse with body parts and have no issues with tissues etc I'd have a white and blue tail

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    This is actually a bit of a tough one. My first reaction was a tail but as I thought about that more I realized that might be problematic for humans. It would get in the way and could potentially be painful if you sat or walked wrong.

    So then I decided to go practical. It took me a while to settle on something that would actually be useful to me personally. I'd want wolf eyes for better vision in both the day and night. I'm a night owl so it would be nice to be able to see more on those 2am walks around town.

    Canines aren't colorblind like people think but they don't have as large of a hue range as humans. In my opinion not being able to tell the difference violet and indigo isn't that big of disadvantage.

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    Gills, without a doubt. They'd be ugly as sin, but being able to swim underwater for long periods without oxygen tanks or a snorkel would be totally worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    Gills, without a doubt.
    I go for them too. But it has to be the build-in fish version please, not the even uglier out-board version.

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