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    Hello, all. I've been MIA for awhile and have felt myself drift back to the comfort of these boards after I had to end my very first relationship with my boyfriend/Daddy. And, since i've been lurking slowly again, i thought it'd be nice to re-introduce myself and say hello again, as i'm sure there's tons of new members. (:

    1) Hello! Who are you?

    Hello hello! You can call me Wishbones, or some people call me Wishy. I'm nineteen and currently working two jobs, while also attending culinary school for a baking and pastry program. Starting in August i'll actually be doing an externship for about 3 months out at a business in the food industry. I'm not good at making decisions and facing my future, so this terrifies me! My schooling will totally complete at the beginning of December, which is also very nerve-wracking. I have no idea what i wish to do after college, and am just hoping i figure it out along the way.

    2) What brings you here?

    Well, i'm ABDL and love this oh-so-friendly group of people. I can always find some good posts and lovely, caring people. It feels nice to belong to such a wonderful community, and i'm happy to find myself back here again.

    3) What are your other interests?

    Besides baking/sometimes cooking, i also enjoy being very lazy on my computer and watching Netflix. It's how i relax and spend my free time if i ever have any. I also enjoy nature and camping, shopping, taking pictures, singing, art, going to the theatre, watching movies, cleaning, and many many other things. I'm very open minded and like to have a fun time. (:

    4) What are you looking for out of this site?

    To be honest, i'm just hoping to find some happiness from ADISC again. As i said, i've been busy with other things and my little side has been a bit neglected . I like reading people's posts, and ultimately i'd like to make some new friends. Don't be shy to talk to me, i don't bite, i promise!


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    Welcome back! I've seen you from time to time, I just figured you were too busy cooking your heart out. I like your pictures of the masterpieces you create. I think you will do wonderful after graduation! I think I asked before, but is there a specialty you're looking into like pastries?


    Cooking is magic
    Food pleases tongue and stomach
    Making friends Lively

    OK. I can do better. Just a simple one off the top of my head.

    Now that you're back, maybe you can share some of your "secret" recipes with us!

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    Hi Wishbone and welcome back. I remember you as well. It sounds like you keep very busy between work and your interests. I worked one full time job and a part time job most of my life. Now I've retired and I'm down to just the part time job which is something I enjoy since it's conducting choirs and making music.

    I hope you'll have some fun on the site again. There's always something interesting going on.

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    Hi, and welcome back, though I don't think we've ever really talked... Maybe we could be friends?
    I can't cook at all lol... When I try to make something it usually ends up burnt or made wrong... I'm pretty good with microwave Ramen though lol.

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    Hiya and welcome back. I too remember you, I'm good with names, haha. It seems like you'll enjoy your stay.

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    Welcome back Wishbone.

    I have been enjoying the pictures of your creations. I still think I can gain weight just looking at nummies like you post.

    We are still waiting for you to do some backing threads in Foodies.

    Glad you are back.


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    Hi Wishbones and welcome back. I also remember you. I've missed the photos of your baking creations. I've made some comments
    on some of them that made me hungry.

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    Welcome Wishbone! Glad you are back. I really enjoy the posts too. I enjoy the friends I have made. I hope to see you around the site.

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