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Thread: how does abena compare to tranquility?

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    Default how does abena compare to tranquility?

    how does abena compare to tranquility?

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    Abena M4 is the better product, more absorbancy, more capacity.

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    Tranquility has nothing on Abena. Tranquility is pretty cheap and good if you are looking for something better than store brands. Is a great mid grade diaper.

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    Tranquility ATNs are less expensive, hold a little less wee, run a bit smaller in size but have softer, quieter plastic backing and MUCH better odor control.

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    Abena and Tranquility have a pretty different product range. The M2 and Tranquility ATN are comparable. The M3 and M4 can hold quite a bit more. Tranquility tends to have more SAP and becomes more "squishy".

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    I am going to go against the grain here, I think Tranquility is a far superior product.

    Abena's are very stiff (too much pulp not enough SAP) when they get wet the have a tendency to sag in a bad way that causes gaps and leaks.

    Where as the Tranquility ATN holds a monstrous amount for their size and are just as comfortable soaked as they are dry.

    I switched from Abena to Tranquility after Abena's quality started to slip (they reduced SAP and switched to a stiff thick outer shell)

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    Apples to oranges. Overall the Abena line of diapers are thicker and wider than the Tranquillity line. ATN VS M4 the Abena holds more and is far less discrete. Tranquillity Slimlines don't offer enough protection for my taste and an M3 holds likes 3 times as much liquid. The M2 though thin is a solid performing diaper that is discrete. Tranquility Select can't hold more than a dribble. I have not tried Tranquility Smart Core so I really have no input on them.

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    Very true, the smartcore is basically a slimline with a cloth shell.

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    Tranquility vs Abena... i guess ill just provide a pro and con for each...
    -u can get them in varying thicknesses... M4, M3, M2, M1 (thinnest)
    -With the cloth version they are quiet
    - easy to adjust tapes after placing especially with cloth backed

    -Expensive, 26$ for 14 on amazon
    -On me at least they don't look baby ish
    -think, its both a pro and con con because it can be detected under clothes


    Tranquility (ATN) i assume is what your interested in
    -Cheap 15$ for 12 on amazon
    -Thin (both a pro and con)
    -Noisier than abena
    -plastic backed (pro and con)
    -Look better (on me at least

    -smell unlike diapers... its not strong but they smell like plastic lol
    -Thin(pro and con)
    -Plastic backed (pro and con) ONLY comes in plastic backed

    between the two i never had either one leak. they are both just as comfortable i think just comes down to preference... the abena m4's are higher quality than the ATN but the ATN are still decent quality.
    I have used both if i had to choose id probably go with the abena M3 its thinner than the M4, thicker than the ATN and the padding on the front part is a tad different so i think it looks better. if you really wanna know the difrence in the padding design let me know ill take a pic.

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    I'm not a big fan of either one personally.

    Tranquility is super crinkly and thin -- narrow in the crotch too. Pretty good absorbency for it's relative size.

    Abena has never fit me well and just seems overly thick (I've only ever used "4's") - they're long diapers front to back in my opinion.

    All things being equal I'd probably still buy Abena over Tranquility though...

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