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Thread: Discovering about myself and abdl

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    Default Discovering about myself and abdl

    I believe I have discovered a bit more about myself in relation to to abdl, infantilism, diaper fetish or whatever you like to call it. And I would like to share it and possibly helping others or learning more with your opinions or experiences.

    First, a little about myself in recent times. About a year ago I ordered diapers for the first time. Even though I had simulated wearing diapers by stuffing my underwear or using towels I had never worn since I was a baby. After that I ordered some pacifiers and even a plushie and joined this forum, thus interacting more with this community.

    It has been a nice journey of slowing discovering more about myself and accepting this side of myself.

    Recently, I don't want to call an epiphany but it was like it, I found that I was probably forcing myself too much into feeling or behaving like a baby.

    Here's the thing, I compare myself to someone who likes to wear women clothes even though lacking a feminine personality or mannerisms and not engaging in feminine activities but likes to wear them and feel feminine because of it. Which equals saying that I like to wears diapers to feel like a baby or toddler again while lacking any sort of a little side.

    I feel like I was trying too much to regress and just do baby or childish things that I don't really enjoy at all (anymore that is ) like watching cartoons, playing with toys or drawing to help me regress and that was making me unhappy just like some people have said when they denied their little side and their needs, except for me was the reverse.

    So that was my little revelation. I like to wears diapers, suck on a pacifier and maybe cuddle with a plushie or blanket but doing that while still being my normal and adult self and doing the usual activities.

    And I feel much more happy now that I can just be an adult doing the stuff that I like the most, while also being able to sometimes add a bit of my abdl side and wear some babyish diapers with cute prints and suck on a pacifier like a toddler while watching football (soccer for you yankees ), playing guitar or watching the history channel. I still like to feel more babyish sometimes, almost like regressing a bit in my mind, but doing so without having to sacrifice my favourite activities for others that I don't enjoy just because they are babyish/childish.

    It seems stupid to me to just realise this now but I guess better late than never right?

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    Good for you in starting to figure yourself out. You like what you like and the only time you need to explain yourself is when you're sharing with others. Try things out that interest you and stick with what works and let the other stuff go. Have fun

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    I enjoy your post!! I am dl 100% from the day i was born!! I would steal diapers from my little brothers and sisters or even neighbors kids to wear after that time wore out i would buy them as i was able at 16 to get a job. My ab was very limited at that time !! i always enjoyed a paci and not acting like a little!! BUT!!!!!! As i grew older my 100% dl and 5% ab started to change!! As I always loved my paci and diaper I started to enjoy more and more my fasination with my ab side!!! today I would say I can not become any higher level of a dl lover and put my ab over 75% today so thats me! we are all at different levels!! i never felt ever i had to lean towards my ab side it just came me as i enjoy it!! so just enjoy what comes to you!!!!

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    I'm often in diapers and doing something unrelated to regression. I prefer the feel of a diaper over underwear any day. Then there are times when I am more into the diaper and regression, enjoying the baby experience. I think the best approach for anyone is to go with that which feels natural, rather than try to force a certain feeling or experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnni View Post
    So that was my little revelation. I like to wears diapers, suck on a pacifier and maybe cuddle with a plushie or blanket but doing that while still being my normal and adult self and doing the usual activities.
    I never thought of it that way! I am always trying to take a closer look at my padded activities to try and understand my motivations a little better. I always thought of myself as a DL,but I've recently found that I really enjoy baby prints on my diapers, and i LOVE this new onesie that I've been wearing non-stop. With that said, even while diapered, i prefer grownup TV shows, cleaning and fixing up the house, and studying.

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnni View Post

    It seems stupid to me to just realise this now but I guess better late than never right?
    Nothing wrong with that! Life would be boring if you had it all figured out

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    Glad to hear you're figuring yourself out. Self-awareness can be really valuable and will help you figure out what you want or need to be happy, so it's awesome to see a case where it's working out for you.

    My own experience is very similar to yours Johnni. I like being in diapers when I can (though not too much or it gets boring), and I like plushies and sometimes childish songs or cartoons. But that's pretty much the extent of it. I'm as likely to watch Breaking Bad or House of Cards while diapered as I am to go to something cute and bright. I've sat in a wet diaper while writing cover letters for job applications and updating my resume.

    I think it's great that I can do interesting adult things, but also enjoy something iconically associated with childhood. I see it as one of life's many fantastic ironies, that can only be met with amusement.

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