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Thread: SL members and guild wars members

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    Smile SL members and guild wars members

    Anyone here besides me play secondlife and reside in Cub Conclave and/or play Guild Wars Prophecys?

    my SL acc is -- corruptedjake aluveaux
    my GW acc is dependent on the char slot, -- corruptedpigeon is my monk, email used for GW is [email removed for security reasons. Please PM Jake for his email address!] <its my real email, if you want to email me stuff, please dont type in caps>

    I know that scubasteve is from SL because I know him there, and im quite sure Bobcat's from their 'cause he on my friends list ^^

    yall lemme know so I can add ya ^^
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    Guild Wars only. Don't have a job so its a perfect online game for me. I also have Eye of the North.

    Captain Mysteryous

    [due to everyday paranoia and the fact that I delete everything in the inbox, I will not disclose my e-mail]

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    I have a Guild Wars account!

    But I haven't played it in awhile. I think my main guy is this crappy Elementalist/monk that I never ascended. His name is

    Lombax with Spunk
    i think

    I got the first one and then I got nightfall.

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    I could help you steve. Just a little. And Im an Elementalist/monk too, so dont go dissin it.

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    Hey, elementalist monks probably aren't that bad, but mine is cause I don't have alot of good skills and what not._.

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    Genbaby: If you get guild wars which one will you buy?

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    Buy Platinum edition first. Thats what I have. I want to eventually get Factions then Nightfall.

    Well Steve, you should go out in the southern shiverpeaks and capture elite skills. After doing all the secondary quests in the desert, ill probably change my secondary profession to a Necromancer. Thats what my brother is. [I will not disclose his account name.]

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