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    Default Hurrah!

    (I'm watching too many Let's Plays/playing too much Cave Story. The word is stuck in my head. >.>)

    Anyway! This is my introduction to ADISC! People still remember me, right? i~i

    I am a straight (? Traps make me question. >.>; ) male TBDL, who is starting to explore into the fact of being a babyfur, and moderately kinda curious about a possible sissy side that I may or may not have discovered recently. n//.//n *cough*
    I've pretty much settled on the fact that I'm not completely sure about much of anything, really. >.>

    I am also a videogame addict, and mainly into RPGs and fighting games, though I may play the occasional platformer or shooter.

    So...Yeah! That's me! n.n;

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