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Thread: ABDL and autism

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    Default ABDL and autism

    I have seen a couple of posts recently where people have described themselves as being autistic, I most certainly am on the spectrum myself.

    I wonder if there is a link as it is known that people with autism are often attracted to 'things' rather than 'people'.

    Are there many others who would describe themselves as being autistic?

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    I am diagnosed with aspergers, professionally diagnosed that is, not self diagnosed.I would say I'm generally more attracted to things more than people.But that's not to say I'm unsociable, I just see things differently.I have had a thing for nappies and wetting since a very young age.Whether or not its autism related I don't know.

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    You know, it's funny. When talking to people on the spectrum, or with ADHD, or CP, it may come up rather they are AB/DL, but, why never does. We seem to have an innate understanding of, "Well, duh. You're into this because your brain is wired differently." There's an article on ADISC called, "A Double Dose of Different," that's cool to read. There do seem to be a lot of differently wired ADISCers, Auties, Aspies included, Sensory Processing Disorder folks, Touretteies, CP folks, ADHD & LD folks, OCDers, so maybe it's more likely for those groups.

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    I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 16. I cannot really say I have a profound attachment to objects, but I do have a very particular obsession with certain subjects... the Titanic, the American Civil War, etc. For me, being social was always a hard thing, and quite frequently it takes me a while to open up and connect to other people in my age group, hence why all of my friends are in their early 40's. When it comes to diaper wearing, however, I never really thought about there being a correlation between that and my autism. I can remember having AB/DL feelings since I was 5, and right around then is when I was hit with my first mental health diagnosis of ADHD, which they are now wondering if it is on the autism spectrum.

    So, perhaps the two are related. Sorry if my post dragged on, I have a knack for doing that.

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    I was diagnosed in 6th grade and I had an obsession with diapers. I have noticed it seems like lot of AB/DLs have some sort of problem like autism or learning disability, emotional issues, ADHD, PTSD, and I wondered if there was some sort of connection between the two.

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    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 6 but I have memorys of trying to get diapers from day care and I was always fascinated with baby toys, bottles, and binkies at that time and before i was 6. I wasn't diagnosed with aspergers but I believe it may have been over looked since I can relate to most of the symptoms.

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    I was diagnosed with autism when I was 3 years old. Most of what I can relate to are things rather than people or feelings. I agree with monkey puzzler.

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    I was diagnosed as a very young child (age of 3 or so) with aspergers. At the time, I was not yet potty trained, and I didn't potty train until another year and a half. However, that was the only developmental delay I experienced. At the same time, once I was potty trained, that idea of being diapered never really left my mind, and I found ways to fulfill those thoughts throughout childhood. I just wonder whether or not the delay, as a result of the diagnosis, created the ABDL side of me.

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    I have Autism Asperger, confirmed by Dr Laurent Mottron (He's like the god of specialists on this subject) I would say the description of Asperger Syndrome doesn't fit me entirely, if you saw me on the street and talked to me, you wouldn't even notice anything wrong with me, the parts I'm affected are more for the normal routines of the life like taking a shower every day, changing clothes and washing them each week, its not something that I would do, I have to write them on a schedule and program alarms otherwise I would skip theses all the time, I always make sure my clothes aren't dirty or smelling of any kind of bad odors (I can't stand smelling bad, especially my clothes so sometimes I put them to hang dry outside for a couple of hours even if they aren't washed, they get a better fresh air smell.

    I'm not sure if my Autism Asperger did anything for me to like diapers so much, but I've read that a lot of Aspie (I think its the way people with Autism Asperger are refering themselves to) love diapers or other strange things.

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    I am not diagnosed, but my son is diagnosed with aspergers. He & I are very much alike, so I presume I would qualify.

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