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Thread: I am a nappy pad and rubber pants wearer 24/7, I have been married for over 47 years and my good wife assists me with my Nocturnal Enuresis as I am in

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    Default I am a nappy pad and rubber pants wearer 24/7, I have been married for over 47 years and my good wife assists me with my Nocturnal Enuresis as I am in

    When I was four years old in the early 1950's, I was removed from my home and placed in a childrens home in South London, which was run by catholic nuns and a few monks, but the education was run by the local council, the reason for the removable from my home because I had wet the bed for all of my four years and still do, my parents beat me up for wetting the bed, and I was placed in a childrens hospital because I had red sores all over my backside and testicles, through not being washed, so the urine acid burnt my skin, the sisters had a bed wetters room so I spent the entire time every night in that room, dressed in a double nappy and rubber pants, I remember the thick brown rubber mattress cover on top of my stained mattress.AT the age of ten years I was dispatched to my hrandparents and aunts farm in Inverness North Scotland, I had a brown lable put on my top button hole to tell everybody who and where I was going, my aunt met me at 930am the next morning, I was wet through as I didnt have a nappy change, she didnt mind , she gave me my first cuddle and kiss that I could ever remember, she took me to my grandparenst house, and shown my bed it was so big, my aunt said that she was going look after me, and I wasnt to worry about my own parents, as they had been banned from seeing me by the social services and the police, she said that the local health authority were going to supply me with, either nappies or nappy pads and rubber pants, she said the neighbours will think we have another baby staying when they see the nappies drying. that night she came into my room and said I was to go and have a bath, I said how do I do that, and where is the bath, she laughed and said follow me, she took me to the toilet that I was to use and the bathroom I was to use, she said in that cupboard are your rubbers and your nappies, can you put them on yourself, I said I would try to do it myself, that night with a little bit of trouble I managed to put on a two terry nappies and a pair of white high sided rubber pants I got into bed, and lay there trying to hear any noise it was so silent., not like London with its 24/7 noises.
    She took me shopping into Aberdeen, and we had lunch and went shopping for clothes for me, we went into several shops and she bought me trousers and shirts pullovers etc, we went into Woolworths stores it was so big, they tended to sell everything, she bought me some Sandra junior pvc pants, she said you can try them to see what you think, she then bought me my first plastic mac it had a tie up hood on it and stretch to my ankles, she then bought a pair of over trousers, we left with me clutching the plastic mac and trousers and the new pvc pants, the aroma was something I had never smelt before, it was so nice and heady, my aunt said you are not to wear them to bed and play with yourself, she said I know you do in your pvc pants but you have a pad to cum into, so leave them alone until it rains.
    That night I crept to the cupboard where the new mac was hanging up with the new trousers I could smell the pvc before I opened the door, I crept into the cupboard, and quitely closed the door behind me, the aroma was over powering, I took the silky pvc in my hand and smelt the pvc, it nearly knocked me over, just then the cupboard door opened, and my aunt said come out of there you little pervert, I said that I was sorry but wanted to make sure that the mac fitted me properly, she said get into your bed and stay there until the morning.
    That night I put on the new pvc sandra pants they were a perfect fit, and I noticed the smell they had the same aroma, so I pushed the nappy pad to one side and just lay there, with the soft silky pvc touching my penis and skin, I have never looked back, even through my late teens I always bought myself a new pvc mac, I never ever wore it outside my flat in Aberdeen, I was by then a fireman for the LMS/LNER at Aberdeen, I loved the job, I cycled to work every day and back home on that old bike, I bought a new pvc cape and over trousers for when it rained, which it did in Northern Scotland, I met several men and went out with them, I had two lovers who didnt mind me wearing pvc pants to bed, it was the nappy pad that they didnt like, one of them was also into wearing pvc macs, and we would go out together wearing them in the rain, people dont care, they never looked, people are always in a hurry for some reason, we made mad passionate love in them macs,but the affairs always ended with me being insulted, I got a job as a van mate when I was made redundant, when the closed down the loco shed, I got my licence and started to drive my own car, I become a lorry driver, and did long haul jobs to London etc, I then moved to Londonand found a lovely flat in Clapham Common,it over looked the park, I met several guys and was happy, no commitments I thought this time, the local chemist would order in my supplies of nappy pads and pants, by then I was wearing Sandra pvc pants, they were so soft to wear,my landlord entered my flat to read the meters and saw my plastic pants hanging in the bath to dry, that night in front of his wife he said that I was to stop drying the pants in the bath, as they might be seen by some other tenent, I said the only way they could see them if they entered my flat without me knowing like he had done, also I asked for some money back as there was to much money in the meter, he returned four one pound pieces, he asked me to leave, he said he didnt want the worng people in his flats, I said I was born with the problem and was on top of it, so there wouldnt be any wet beds.
    He said i had to go by the end of the month, so the last night there I wet the bed twice, I left it for him to sort out.
    I found another flat further along the main road and lived in Balham near to the underground station, I got a job with London transport as a bus driver, and was at Wandsworth I drove on the 44's and 168 routes, I had a bus conductoress ( a clippy) we went out together but I didnt tell her that I had been out with other men, I thought that I had always worn a condom as did the men I went out with, we made love and it felt good we were really in love, but she couldnt accept my night time problem, I proved that it wouldnt get in the way of our sex life, but she was sure that it couldnt work out so we split up, she started rumours about me, and the garage manager moved me to another depot at Battersea, I drove on the 39's and the 49's, I stayed single neither went out with men or woman, I put in for a move to drive on country buses, and was sent to Grays garage, and I met my good wife, she was told about my night time problem she said as long as it doesnt interfere with our sex life she didnt mind.
    I get my nappy pads and rubber pants for free from the NHS continence service, and see a continence nurse every six months.
    Four years ago whilst under going a open heart surgery, they damaged my bladders neck, so that I now dribble urine, so I am now in nappy pads and rubber pants 24/7, but I still love to wear pvc macs and pants, we have bought pvc PJ's,my wife annouced on our honeymoon night that, she was a closet lover of rubber and plastic, but not vinyl as it goes hard and brittle.
    We often go for long walks with our dog, wearing our pvc macs and over trousers, we appeared in a local paper once.

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    Hallo egor, thank you for the warm welcome, I am now fullt retired after some thirty years driving buses and coaches.
    I now live in a one bedroomed bungalow with my good wife.
    My only problems at this time is waiting to have pacemaker fitted, and to somehow slow down my daytime pad changes, it always happens when I get anxious about something that as happened or is about to happen.
    Its a funny thing but ever since I was told that, I was a lazy child who wet the bed on purpose, I felt alone in the world, but when I lived in scotland, I met quite afew other people who suffered from incontinence, the NHS in Scotland didnt cater for teenage or young people still wetting their beds every night, I did get help with my pads but was forced to purchase other pants anywhere I could, in Aberdeen where I lived there was a small shop that sold surgical appliances, plus condoms and incontinent wear, the had a full size fiquire in the window and it was wearing a urine collection devise, a solid rubber cup sat on top of the penis and was held in place by two rubber straps, and a long red rubber tube stretched from the cup devise down to a bladder, that was the size of a football bladder, I went in to talk to the assistant who was a man, he said they also sold rubber and plastic pants, and button up terry nappy pads, so I ordered several pvc pants, they turned out to be Sandra pvc pants,the pads were made from terry towelling and had four metal studs each side to hold it up, but one good thing he didnt hold them up,and show everybody what I was buying, like they did in all the other shops.
    I was living with another man, we were in a meaning full relationship, he was also incontinent at night, so no issues there, we were very happy at first, he also loved to wear pvc macs as I did, one morning I was getting changed for work, I had just finished and was about to take my very soiled pad off, I drained the small amount of urine down the wc, and placed them in a rubber bucket for washing out, when my friend came in and pulled my pad down slightly at the back, and urinated into my pad,he said he couldnt wait any longer, and left me, to wash myself properly, Icame out of the toilet and told him, to never do that again as it was filthy, he laughed and said as I was his bitch he would do what he liked to me, I left and went to work when I got home, the flat was empty and dark, I put the light on and found a letter saying that he had enough of living with a baby man, and said that he had taken all the plastic pants and the pvc macs with him, the flat was in a terrible state, he had taken all my pants and most of my pads, so I ran down to Boots and bought several pairs from them, and went back to the flat, I also bought a new lock so that he couldnt get in anymore without me knowing, I took out my dirty pants from the bucket, and found that he had poo'd on them, so I threw them away, it wasnt long before I found someone else to live with me.

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