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Thread: Looking for a VERY EASY to put on diaper...

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    Default Looking for a VERY EASY to put on diaper...

    Hi y'all.
    So, I want to buy a few diapers for the first time this summer, as I'll be home alone. But, I have a few concerns.
    To start with, pull-ups are my real interest, but at 230 pounds and 5'9" tall (37"+ waist) I'm a bit too large for goodnights. But the appearance of traditional diapers does nothing for me (although I don't despise it either), and I'm exclusively interested in cloth-backed.
    Now here's the second problem - I'm autistic, with significant SPD and coordination problems. To make it clear, if it is not very simple and easy to get on, I will not be able to. Kiss any traditional 2 tape design goodbye, because I can tell you right now I will not be able to do those. It needs to be as comfortable and breathable as possible, with as little crinkle as possible.
    With all that, is there really even *anything* out there that I can wear? Can you guys help me out here? It'd be really sad if I never got to try anything because I couldn't find something to fit my needs. Help?
    (Also, about goodnights sizing... what the heck?! Their XL wouldn't have fit me when I was twelve! I was already 5'7" and a bit over 200 lbs back then, and I know I'm not the only kid in their theoretical age range that they would not have fit! ok, rant done)

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    If you want a fastening diaper and you've got money to spend try some of the diapers on, they only have two tapes and are like big baby diapers. I'm guessing two tapes'd be easier for you? Word of warning though ABUniverse are apparently not that good at the moment concerning getting orders to people, if you're worried try getting some 2-tape diapers from - they're a UK based manufacturer with a website and their diapers are really good, so good I'd say worth shipping!

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    I have never tried them but Abena, Tens, Unique Wellness, and others make super absorbent pull ups. You may want to look into those.

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    SomethingNotTooDark mentioned Tena pants. I just want to elaborate on this a little.

    Tena makes a pullon brief you could try, it has a cloth outer covering. I haven't tried them myself since the pictures of them show this weird stretchy material at the top and around the sides that seems unappealing to me. But you might not mind it. Abena also makes something similar.

    Next, Tena makes another thing for you to consider. The STRETCH Fitted Briefs. They're an adult diaper, not a pullon, but they're cloth backed and have a unique fastening system - huge, single, stretchy Velcro tabs on each side. You might find these very easy to put on. Again, I haven't tried these myself, but I'd really really like to!

    Here's another idea you might not have considered... The PUL waterproof layers on "all in one" reusable cloth diapers aren't exactly like what's on clothlike disposables, but it's not really like plastic either.

    So I wonder if you're OK with reusable cloth pullons?
    Or for that matter a reusable diaper with a single big Velcro tab on each side. Those seem pretty easy to put on.

    I've had my eye on some of the products sold by dependeco, they seem like the best for that. I haven't bought any yet though.
    There's also baby pants and a bunch of other sites that sell adult reusable pullons and Velcro tab cloth diapers.

    It's an idea anyway. You might just not be interested, you may not be able to do laundry, or you might like the idea but then get the diapers and then not like the PUL material. Buying them might be a risk, but in my experience buying new stuff always is.

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    Tena Flex.
    It's a mix between a diaper and a belted breif.
    You fix the belt around you. It stick with a sigle velcro.
    Then you bring the padding up and stick it to the best, also with the velcro.

    It's quite easy to do and if you miss, you can do it untill you get it right.
    Absorbancy will be better than a pullups.
    They are also entirely cloth-like.

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    I'm going to go with BunnyFoFo's recommendation. I've used the Tena Super Stretches for years, and they remain one of my favorites. They fit well, hold a lot, and you may be able to get them locally. I can't get much in stores around here, but I know of two places near my work that let me order these.


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    Try Abena Abri-Flex Premium level 3. Realistically medium fits 30"-42" hips & large fits 40"-55" hips. They hold 2200 ML (that's 74.4 oz), according to the package, but remember, absorbency under compression is different than lab tests, a lot of the time. You may also like the Abena Abri-Flex Special M/L level 2, but you may, or may not need a booster. They hold 1700 ml, according to the package. That's 57.5 oz. If you need a booster, I'm gonna use the Abena AbriLet Anatomic The Abri Flex Premium look to be a bit looser, & the waistband is high, but the Specials waistband is lower. Here's a comparison.
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    Thanks for the advice!
    I've looked at the babypants cloth training pants, but in my current situation, disposable is just better. I have a track record of forgetting laundry in the drier so long that my roommate or sister has to take it out, and it would be pretty awkward if they noticed that I had some bright colored training pants in there. Not to mention, I live on the north-west coast (US), so things take FOREVER to dry. So yeah. No cloth for me, and I kinda prefer disposable anyway.
    Thanks for all the suggestions. Have any of you tried the... (had to copy/paste this) "TENAŽ Women™ Protective Underwear Super Plus Absorbency"? Aesthetically, it is the best one I've seen, but of course that is pointless if it leaks horribly or something.
    What is it about the Abri-flex that you like, SpAzpie? It might help me decide.

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    I would try GoodNites, even if you think they won't fit you'll be surprised, they will probably be tight, but they will fit, I'm 100% sure of this, I have between 38 to 40" waist size and they fit me, its snug but they work really well.

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