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Thread: Smoking?

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    Default Smoking?

    Riding up the chairlift during ski practice. Riding with my sorta friend and his friend from strength. (Threw me onto the ground today ) His buddy whips out a pack of Newports and a match and lights up, I lol'd and asked "Why matches?" He said something about lighters getting cold. Anyway they passed it back and forth and asked me if I wanted a hit, said no. Good think Newports don't smell bad, some cigarettes smell terrible.

    There is no current thread about smoking (cigs) and smoking them only. So I was wondering, what would convince anyone to start, is it any good the first time you do it?

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    Sucked the first time I did it, it tasted so bad.

    Then after the first few packs it tasted sooo good.

    I still say cigarattes tasted wonderful. I still like the smell. And I quit over 6 months ago.

    Even though it was so great, it was one of the stupidest things I ever did in my life.

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    I would do it if it wasnt, A. Expensive as hell. (I have to pay for gas for my Jeep, kindof, reimbursed somewhat. 15.4 MPG, almost $2 gallon, 23 gallon tank.) B. Smells bad. C. Obvious to my parents, mom especially. Damnit forgot D. Cancer.

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    Well i occasionally smoke. I honestly tried out of curiosity and like the feeling i got from them.

    That being said i don't really like the taste of cigarettes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby_Cullen View Post
    Sucked the first time I did it, it tasted so bad.

    Then after the first few packs it tasted sooo good.

    At first I was like, "Ewww, gross" *cough cough splutter*

    But then I was like...

    I wouldn't recommend it at all though.
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    I can't see that Lukie friend, I'm going to reload. Edit: Saw it now.

    I don't think I will ever start, I'm a no-drug tard, but I'm going to do some alch probably. The only situation I would, is having someone so hot that I would do anything to sex them (probably a her) and I had to smoke on to do so.

    It's my thread and I'll off-topic the shit out of it if I want to.
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    I started smoking when I was 12, my older brother was always letting me tag along with him, and he started me in on pretty much all the stupid shit I did from 13-15(except being a pyro, I think that one was all me).

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    I am sure I'll have more to say on this later, but for now:

    Just some interesting info about Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS; 2nd hand smoke), think about this if you smoke around others, especially kids.
    Anyways ETS has caused:
    • 3,400 lung cancer deaths
    • 22,700 – 69,600 heart disease deaths

    In America 35% of children live in households where either family members or visitors smoke on a regular basis, some effects of ETS in Children are:
    • 150,000-300,000 lower Respreitory Tract Infections in children under 18 months
    • 790,000–1,600,000 middle ear infections
    • increased episodes in 400,000–1,000,000 asthmatic children

    So if the direct causes and costs of smoking aren't going to get you to quit, think about the other people it effects. There is no good reason to smoke, if you smoke regularly it will most likely kill you, and its usually not too good of a way to go.

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    BDB, for a smoker who enjoys their cigarettes, numbers don't matter. I know they didn't to me, and frankly, they still don't.

    While I stopped smoking to improve my own health, I miss the satisfaction, and I enjoyed the act. There was nothing I loved more than a cigarette when I was reading, writing, playing video games, moving my bowels, or right after dinner. In fact, I'll even still say nowadays that cigarettes are awesome, but that someone who smokes needs to realize what they're doing to themselves.

    If you're fine with that, then have at, my smokestack friends!

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    My grandfather died of cancer several years ago, thanks to cigarettes. So I stay away from them like the plague.

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