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Thread: Scary Close Call

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    Well the other day I was driving back to raleigh from atlanta, and I was in desperate need of a change. I wanted to avoid a leak, since the clothes I had brought as a back-up were just gym shorts and a tshirt, and I didn't want to have to wear those, since I was heading over to see a friend who I hadn't seen in ages, and I was already in the outfit I was planning to wear for that (I tend to obsess over my appearance sometimes, nbd).

    Anyway, im already getting slightly off-topic: I really needed a change, and I still had a 3 hour long drive. I was out in the country, where i couldn't find any gas stations or anywhere that might have had a bathroom to change in. So I pulled up into a parking lot behind some old closed shop, covered myself up, and went about the change. But just as I got the diaper in place, a cop car pulled up no more than 10 feet away from me.

    So it was just him and me in this abandoned parking lot. My heart felt like it stopped beating, since I have a natural fear of cops combined with the fact that no one aside from my family has ever seen me in a diaper. I quickly taped it up, quite sloppily I might add, and pulled up my jeans.

    I was pretty terrified at this point, thinking I was going to be arrested for indecent exposure or something. But he just stayed in his car. I guess he saw what was going on, and didn't want to get involved. Maybe he had some sympathy for my condition, idk. It was a pretty confusing and scary experience. Cops just... scare me, even if im following every since law... Lets just say that diaper didn't stay dry for long after this...

    Did I do anything could be construed as illegal? I was kind of just minding my own business away from the public, but if it had been a less sympathetic cop, could there have been any repercussions for changing in a semi-public environment like that?

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    None, unless the town you pulled up in has some obscure municipal ordinance about diaper wearing

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    *hugs* last time I got stopped I was not in protection. I just told him I was lost, so he gave me directions.

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    No you did nothing illegal. If he saw he diaper, he probably figured you might be ic. He was probably making sure the car wasn't abandoned and making sure you were OK and not having any serious issues.

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    Over here you probably would have been arrested or being nude I public , but at least most of our police don't have guns

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    I don't think a uk cop would have arrested you. You had covered yourself up so no issues of indecent exposure. I'm sure that he would have been as embarrassed as you.

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    I dont think you did anything wrong. In California, youd defintiely would NOT have been ticketed or arrested for changing like that. There was no one around and you were covered. You did your part for maintaining your privacy and protecting that of others. The officer was, as some said prior, just checking to see everything was ok with you. Especially since you pulled off randomly in an abandoned parking lot. That's what I would do! But for the most part, officers are our friends. Dont be afraid of them, theyre here to help. Most are.

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    I was at the bank before it opened and the parking lot was empty. I required a change. So I took precautions and parked at the very back of the lot by the dumpster but another car drove into the lot before I finished and then the Mall Security car pulled in. He pulled up next to me and asked me to get out of the car. I had finished changing and my jeans back in place by then. He asked what I was doing and I told him I changed my diaper. His response was "Oh, we had a call that you were masturbating in the car". It was a scary situation. It wasn't too obvious that I was diaper and I showed him my dirty diaper. he advised me to be careful. I then threw the diaper away and did my banking. Yes, I was wetting and my stomach was in knots.

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    Hi Angie,

    What an awful situation, I don't trust them in any way shape or form and think you are right to be wary of them.... Glad it all worked out sweety!

    Big internet hug for you

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    Like other people hinted at, he could have pulled an indecent exposure charge if he felt like being an asshole. It wouldn't stand up in court, but that doesn't prevent the whole charges being filled process from happening.

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