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Thread: How to get rid of smell?

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    Default How to get rid of smell?

    I have kept my used diapers in this closet and now the closet has started to smell bad. I realize now that there seems to be some problems with my disposing methods. Think I have to use more layers of plastic bags in the future and dispose diapers more frequently. But anyway, I'd like to know how to get rid of the smell in my closet. By the way I only pee in diapers.

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    My long time suggestion for such situations: Use baking soda. Put some in the bag every time you ass a diaper and it should keep the smell at bay for much longer. (At least long enough to get your trash taken care of)

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    Fabreeze, pet odor neutralizing carpet powder (if closet floor is carpet), and wash any clothes that were hanging in there. That should help you to get rid of the smell.

    The primary concern though, is that you are collecting used diapers. I'll let that statement sink in for a bit. Doesn't sound right, does it? Even if you were to use a container designed to dispose diapers in, the smell will start to permeate into the closet eventually. Your best solution, after cleaning out your closet, is to not keep dirty diapers in there anymore. If it is impractical to dispose of a diaper right away, such as changing in the middle of the night, then I would not recommend that you keep it for longer than 24 hours. There will be a smell that others will detect long before you will.

    The best method for disposal to keep the smell out, is outside in the main can.

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    I agree with Llayden, but if there's circumstances where you can't put them in the trash for fear of being caught, then there are scented bags such as these to consider.

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    Freebreeze is the best then i use secret spray powder scent aerosol love the baby like scent!!! i spray all my baby clothes with it!! I buy 6 gallon small bags and throw one in each and tie in a knot to seal! In the usa i buy the 6 gallon scented ones at walmart cheap

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    Save plastic shopping bags from Walmart or grocery store. Put each well "loved" diapee in a separate bag and tie each bag up. Then, put all now-bagged "loved" diapees in a single kitchen bag. Leave closet door slightly open: that way any "love" vapors that do escape won't be trapped in the closet long after the kitchen bag gets taken out, and won't attach themselves to anything in the closet the walls or carpet. Problem solved .
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    Avoid plastic shopping bags from Walmart & grocery stores as they have holes in them and are designed to tear easily to help save babies lives if they get a hold of them. Bags from take-out food places as of now are still air and water tight.

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    I double bag my used diapers. Take use diaper roll it up on itself and tape it shut. Next put used diaper into a used store bag being sure to get all the air out of the bag (as much as you can) then tie the bag using the end of the bag. Next take that tightly wrapped bagged diaper and put it into another store bag again removing all the air before you tie the end of the bag together. Then deposit into trash. if not into trash outside be sure if inside its in a container with the closing top. That will help.

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    Thank you all for your advice. Gotta buy some sort of spray I guess.

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