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Thread: Anyone familiar with Fixies diapers(European)

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    Default Anyone familiar with Fixies diapers(European)

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Fixies line of diapers? I saw it on ebay, the seller was stating they were much larger and thicker than pampers, but he's also trying to sell a product...

    I did a little research into the Fixies diaper line, and their advertised weight range is 16kg-30kg. Most diaper won't advertise a high end like that, so I thought this seller might be telling the truth. I was wondering if anyone here has purchased them, and if so are they indeed larger and thicker than normal baby diapers here in the US?

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    Fixies are a German brand. Generally all European diapers run bigger than the ones in the US....even ones of the same brand ---i.e. pampers.

    you could always ask for the complete dimensions....

    most people selling vintage disposables will do this because they know who "we" are.

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    Many years ago I had Fixies and they are bigger and thicker than pampers, but I couldn't really tell you if they still are. The classic might be, I occasionally see them for sale on ebay but they aren't the plastic type just in case you think that.

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    Well, I've always wondered if it'd be feasible to import a product like that from Europe. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that import duties would outweigh profits in retail and online markets. It may be a better product, but it's an unknown fighting against established brand names. There may be some market in the *B/DL community, but probably not enough to profit. Still a fun idea, and one I'm going to look into, but unlikely to work out as a business.

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    I haven't read anything on german boards about the fixies being way bigger than other baby diapers, there is a brand sold in the "Schlecker" markets that is slightly bigger than pampers size 6 (~as big as your 7 from what I've heard). Personally I find them to fit better than pampers size 6 (which fit me, but I use them as stuffers mostly because it doesn't feel like being diapered). I'd say you are wasting your money trying to get non-vintage european diapers, I'd rather get some japanese high-tech ones

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    Hrmm, sounds like I need to take a world diaper(read: Amsterdam too) sampling trip, trying out diapers in various countries. *goes into daydream mode...*

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