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Thread: ice cream

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    Default ice cream

    Eating ice cream makes me wonder do all of us adult babies love ice cream? I love it by i also miss when my ex girlfriends used to feed me ice cream

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    I sure like ice cream. Don't know if being a baby has much to do with it. But it would be extra nice to have someone feed it to me.

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    I LOVE ICE CREAM!!! especially mint chocolate chip, reminds me of when I was little and my grandparents had a store with hand dipped ice cream.

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    I always loved it and always will!!! My mom would hand stir it in my bowl to make it like soft serve today and add a little sugar or real maple syrup!! YUMMMM!!!!!!!

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    Who doesn't like ice cream!

    My favorite has always been peppermint Bon Bon...

    Don't know if it's ab per se...

    But, icecream rocks!

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    My not-so-little little tummy says how much I love i-cweam. Any Ben & Jewwies. Get my Gerber spoon, which is much easier to use in ice cream b/c of smaller handle BTW, and I'm one happy camper

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    Love ice cream

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    Yes indeed and my go to ice-cream is Turkey Hill chocolate chip mint.

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    I like butterscotch, butter pecan and chocolate. Thosr 3 kinds would make a heavenly banana split. Maple syrup sounds good with it too. If I get pregnant I will have to have an ice cream parlor built into my house. Laying here in my favourite diaper is spoiling me too much as it is.

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    Sure I like it but I don't have a favorite anything is good !

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