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Thread: Help with abri-flex sizing, please?

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    Question Help with abri-flex sizing, please?

    I'm relatively sure, when I stop being a Chickenboo, & actually get some padding, I'm gonna go with Abena Abri-Flex. I need a pull-up, because I have CP, so my right hand & arm don't work well enough for fiddling with tapes. I'm gonna try temporary tattoos on them, as a fellow ADISCer suggested, to simulate an all-over print. Even if you're a DL, you could probably find a bad-ass dragon or something. Hey, you don't have to be a Little, but you needn't beeither, darn it! I know the waistband is long, but that's an easy fix. Should be hilarious! I'm short, & sit most of the time.My question is, I've a 28" waist, but a 39" hip, so, Medium, or Small? Either way, I think booster pads are called for. I'm not into super long wear, & would change about 4 times in 24 hours, but I'd wet pretty heavily, & can't be trusted not to poop, so these are my best bet. If you'd suggest a medium, any tips on getting a tighter fit in the waist? Loose fitting stuff drives me bonkers. Sensory issues are so lovely.
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