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    Lightbulb Developing Skillz

    well, with me being an anime fan, i thought i'd combine that with my ab side and try learning japanese as a 2nd language.

    the main idea is to watch japanese children shows while in baby mode.

    after a little searching ive put together a list of things i wanna try watching:
    Nihongo de Asobo
    shizuku chan
    okasan to isho

    Unfortunately, it's proving harder to find episodes than i thought it would.
    Right now, i'm mainly looking for Chibi-Maruko episodes, but i've only been able to find a movie.
    Moetan was easy to find, but it teaches english to japanese kids, so it's not exactly what i'm looking for.
    And that's pretty much all i've found so far.

    can anyone point me in the right direction of where i might find eps for these shows? or even more shows i could add to my list?

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    the japanese stitch show is pretty nice in japanese :3

    It highly depends on what is your level in japanese. shonen like pokemon/beyblade are for kids and vocabulary is quite easy. If you're a beginner, look into show like the one with Anpanman. You can also try to buy some japanese children picture book, it works well.

    For watching them, you can try nicodouga, youtube, sometimes, episodes end up there.

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    I have an App Called Baby TV which does different languages & Japanese is selectable...Just cartoons though!

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    Chi's Sweet Home would probably fit the bill nicely It's for little kids and is about three minutes an episode. Word of warning though, the theme tune will get stuck in your head but is amazingly cute ^_^ Crunchyroll have it available for free here in the UK (with ad's), but I guess it might vary depending on where you live.

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    Every time I started learning a new language in high school and college it seemed like they showed the equivalent of Sesame Street from that country and it always made me feel little.

    Another way to experience a similar feeling of juvenility is to buy a little kid reading/writing workbook which outlines letters and leaves you space to copy those letters, but to do it with your off hand (in my case my left hand as I am right handed). It takes a lot of concentration and the letters look like a little kid actually wrote them. This is why when I am in little mode I become left handed. I even found myself unintentionally with my tongue out as I was focusing so hard- a real little moment if I ever had one

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    just found a youtube channel that has exactly what i'm looking for.
    its not a japanese show, but its childish, its interactive, and its free!

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