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Thread: Whats your favourite brand?

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    Default Whats your favourite brand?

    Heey guys, just wondering everyones opinions on different brands of diapers and which ones people like the most. looking forward to hearing all the responses.

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    Right at the moment I'm totally in love with Seni diapers. Usually I would say something like Tena or Attends, but I've never had diapers as soft and comfy as the Seni. Most of their products are breathable cloth-backed, but in my opinion they work very well. The higher absorbancy ones also can easily compete with Tena or Attends and are almost as thick as the plastic-backed Abena M4. They also make plastic-backed diapers, which, sadly, aren't as absorbant as the cloth-backed ones (they will still get you through the day), but the plastic is so soft and crinkly, pure joy

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    My favorite diapers are the Dry 24/7 Confidry, they absorb an amazing amount and are extremely comfortable.

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    My favourite is to wear Terry diaper with a liner. If using disposables wear either Lille Supreme or ones purchased from

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    Tena is my favorite brand,although i would love to try Abena's M4.

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    I love Abena M4's, I think they are super comfortable, highly absorbent, and fit me great. I also really enjoy Tena Slip Maxi's for how slim they are while also being super absorbent. I really want to try the new Dry 24/7's and the new XP Medical Absorbency Plus level 4's. I'm afraid I wont be able to order any more diapers for quite a while though. More people have moved into my house making it harder to receive things without anyone noticing an I already have about 4 or 5 hundred diapers stashed away in my room and literally don't have any more room.

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    Attends regular 10 are my favorite.I also really like Boots stay dry slips and are basically attends packaged and sold by boots.Both the attends and boots ones are plastic backed.Tena are my second favorite.Even though they have become cloth backed they are still okay as a back up.

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    Comficare m10's, By far the best nappy on the market in Europe, in my opinion, plastic backed and they just keep on absorbing!! Awesome!

    Would love to try bambinos but no where seems to sell them in Europe! Would like to try them, hope Save Express might sell them one day!!

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    Tena Slips (in absorbency Maxi and size medium) are my favourite brand...of course with everything that's been going on with Tena Slips they're only going to be my favourite for a limited time! I'm looking for a full time, number one, top of the pile replacement as we speak!

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    For me, it seems to shift over time - especially as I gain and lose weight - and also as I go for stretches using certain brands and taking breaks from others.

    For the past few months I was saving a couple unopened bags of dry 24/7 and I recently started using them. Forever they have been my absolute favorite but I have found in this latest foray to not like them as much. They're leaking more, not fitting as well, tapes popping some. Not great.

    On the other hand, tena maxi and wellness superio -- neither of which are as thick or absorbant, I've found myself liking more and more lately for their fit and lack of leaks it's weird. Idk.

    Maybe in two months I'll be onto the molicare bandwagon which are diapers I have appreciated for a long time. Then back to biancos? Idk.

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