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Thread: moving need ideas on hiding little stuff

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    Default moving need ideas on hiding little stuff

    i find myself in a difficult situation. I'm moving into a new apartment when the next school year starts and I am moving back home fr the summer. I still have the apartment up to July so I could keep them at the apartment, but then there's the matter of mom coming back later and fining them while she's helping me clean (get that deposit back). The other option is to take them home with me and hide them somewhere at my moms house until i can hide them at a safer place in my new apartment. Of course the safest option is to just throw everything away, but this stuff is expensive including a size 5 pacifier. It isn't a large collection of things just some diapers, that I'm using the last of now, a dog collar chest harness and leash and some black dancing tights serving as a makeshift onsie and a bottle and pacifiers. Just looking for some ideas cuz at the moment the best thing I can think of is putting them in their own duffle bag and moving that bag out first which is not only suspicious, but wastes valuable space for clothes and other things. Any ideas I really don't want to throw it all away .

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    Got a suitcase or duffle bag with a closing that you can put a lock on. Should work for awhile until mom gets overly inquisitive.
    I got a little ahead after a few lines of your post. So bury the baby items in the bottom of the duffle bag with items that are not used very often (seasonal clothing).
    You don't have a car yet ? Could hide some stuff in the trunk as cleaning and oil changing rags.
    Every house has a secret place be it a attic or basement - look around just don't upset the dust when you do. Oops that right you are in an apartment.
    Some apartments have small storage locker space available but be careful that mom doesn't use it frequently.
    No trusted friends/relatives to store at their place ?
    Not necessarily a fool proof idea but if all the stuff can be put into a small box - put a mailing label on it and send it to yourself during the moving transition.
    Better yet buy some clothing from a mail order outfit and exchange replace the contents with your baby gear. Questions asked - oh that is stuff for winter got
    a real bargain on in out of season ! Use the ole noodle - think of devious ways to conceal stuff for a short time - a bit longer - still longer long storage.

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    Bus stations and airports have short term storage lockers. Put a quarter in and take the key. Go back a few days later and retrieve.

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    Last time I had to move with Stuff, I just labeled the boxes "Private" and made sure people understood I meant it
    Worked pretty well for me

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    Why don't you put them with your winter clothes ? Put them in the duffel bag and put the bag in a box with your winter clothes. There is no reason for your mom to go search them since it will be summer.
    You can then retrieved the duffle baf whenever you want after the moving, once alone.

    Also, why not stuffing the duffel bag with some clothes as well ? So, if anyone opens it, they'll just think it's a bag of clothes.

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    A bag, in a box, in another box, in another box... that way, unless someone was intentionally digging through your stuff, there is NO reasonable explanation they should ever find them buried away that well. If that won't do, I like the bus station locker idea, fool-proof and no one has access but you.

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    I'm liking the idea of a box inside a box inside a box. I'm kind of embarassed to say that I live in a town that doesn't have a bus station so that seems to be the best option.

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    I agree with what Waddles said. The box inside a box inside another box is a great idea. Then just label the box something inconspicuous but something that other people wont have a need to look in, like the winter clothes idea above. I have often thought about how I'm going to move my supply without anyone noticing once I move out of my house. Problem with mine is that I have well over 5 or 6 hundred diapers and boosters, plus some abdl clothes. I think its going to be a challenge for me.

    Good luck and don't worry to much. Everything will work out

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