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    So the last few months I have had a problem where I wont feel the need to go number 2 then all the sudden it hits like a ton of bricks and if I dont stop what I am doing and go to the toilet right then I will just go uncontrollably in my diaper. However if i get up and go to the potty I can control it long enough to use the toilet. I am just worried I am about to loose control of my bowels, I have been urinary incontinent for 15 years but have never had bowel problems other than the rare accident from waiting way too long, I havent actually pooped my diaper yet from this but am afraid I wiil in the future so any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Simple answer: get an appointment with a proctologist and maybe a gastroenterologist (as it can be related to both fields).

    It can be a change in your diet... it can be a medical issue - it is certainly not "normal". And as mentioned I'd get it checked out asap.

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    Hi Kenworth,

    Sorry to read about your problems, but I can relate to your situation as I am medically bowel and bladder incontinent and wear diapers 24/7. By all means, check your diet, your fiber intake, drink lots of liquids, but definitely make an early appointment with your gastroenterologist.

    You did not mention whether your urgency was due to having loose stools, diarrhea, etc. If so, please be aware of something called overflow incontinence which, counterintuitively, actually is caused by severe constipation. Things get blocked up and eventually flow past the blockage in the form of diarrhea or loose stools. You can Google the term.

    Another possible factor is partial loss of rectal nerves for sensing that provide us with early warning of an approaching bowel movement. In my case, I often get 30 seconds or less of notice.

    Good luck.


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    after my car accident being minor ic my issues are only being able to retain less than 6 oz in urine so infact i am not ic if i can find a bathroom in less then 2 minutes not possible !! with the help of certain meds to ease this i find that certain food intakes tends to affect my stools like tomato sauces high in sugar mcdonalds foods and specific others sometime after eating them i need restroom from the feel in my stomach as quick as 2 minutes i record my diet as well as the quick bowel movements and try to avoid the specific foods that create it

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    So I spoke to my chiropractor(sp) about this issue since I was there anyway, so he checked my spine and adjusted in a spot he had never adjusted before then had me walk around a bit and adjusted me again in the same spot. He said that because i had a pinched nerve I had lost part of the sensation that tells me I need to go and so far he was right so we will see how it turns out. Also I think junk food has alot to do with it, I normally eat fresh fruit and vegetables with either grilled pork or chicken and I have found when I eat fast food it tears my stomach all up. I hope a simple visit to the chiropractor was all I needed. Thanks for the advice guys!

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    Hopefully the chiropractor got you fixed up and don't have anymore problems.

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    I always thought incontinence caused by a pinched nerve is a medical emergency, but if you trust your chiropractor to know better best of luck to you. I still think you would be better served by seeing a suitable medical practitioner.

    PS: I am not charging you for this medical opinion.
    PPS: If for any reason you are unhappy with what I've said, you can always seek a second opinion, preferably a IRL consultation with a suitably qualified practitioner.

    There were always certain foods that I couldn't tolerate, with others I will get varying mileage. IBS alone could give the symptoms described, I know this for a fact. You may need to get very serious about what you shovel into your mouth.

    You freely admit to seeing a Quack for whatever reason, as somebody who suffers degenerative disc disease (don't we all) you have my sympathies.

    Ah well as is said; Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.

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