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Thread: trouble sleeping anyone?

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    Default trouble sleeping anyone?

    ive tried looking around for some answers but cant find any to fit my needs

    im having the toughest time sleeping in diapers. the days are fine but anytime i want to sleep i cant. its nothing sexual though may be slightly from discomfort. id like to eventually try going 24/7 for a month or so to see what its like on that side of the tapes but im really lost

    anyone have any advice?

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    I kind of have the same issue. Generally I'm a minimalists sleeper. Normally I just wear boxers or thin running shorts to bed. More than half of the time I try sleeping in a diaper I end up taking it off to finally fall asleep. I have several footed sleepers and can't sleep in those either. You might want to try a thinner diaper or if you are small enough a Goodnite till you get used to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barkd74 View Post
    You might want to try a thinner diaper or if you are small enough a Goodnight till you get used to them.
    im just small enough for good nights. i can give those a try, hopefully they will help

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    I'd say it's just another one of those things that takes getting used to. At first, I was too keyed up to sleep. I got past that eventually and was able to sleep but I'd wake up as I shifted in my sleep and the bulk snapped me out of it. I had the best luck sleeping in cloth at that time. At this point, it doesn't matter what I wear. Unlike some of us, I never felt as though I sleep better diapered but now I think it's just the same as anything else.

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    Hi there
    I too had the same issue at first as it takes a while to get to grips with wearing diapers again. I too wanted to take off my diaper however I took inspiration from other members of the community and stuck with it and this paid off for me. I now sleep very well. One tip I found that helped was to listen to a dull radio show and to focus on that and not to fight the diaper. Anyway good luck Silverna hope you win your battle it will be worth it.

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    Try wearing a diaper and whatever else you wear to bed for 2-3 hours before bedtime if possible. This worked for me. I don't think I could fall asleep WITHOUT a diaper now.

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    It just takes getting used to. I normally sleep in mens bikini underwear. With a Abena Abriflex premium 3and plastic pants it simply feels different and requires some adjusting. I like to be sure I have wet in my diaper at least once before I climb into bed. After a night or two it doesnt seem to be an issue.

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    I've been wearing diapers 24/7 since 2006, and it did take me quite awhile to sleep well while diapered. The off-and-on feeling of urgency associated with my overactive bladder when coupled with the bulky feeling and warmth of my diaper and plastic pants under my pajamas presented a lot of challenges. When I stopped wearing pajamas over my diapers and plastic pants I cooled off and was a lot more comfortable. I'm still a bit sensitive about wetting while in bed, since I really can't conceal what's happening from my wife who's right next to me, but she's been very supportive and never complains. In fact, it bothered me way more than it ever bothered her. Don't think about it much now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schooner View Post
    IIn fact, it bothered me way more than it ever bothered her. Don't think about it much now.
    I think that is how I would be. What if I get nervous in the bed with my husband? I guess I will just stay dry unless I get used to it. I can't imagine changing at night or grabbing my bottle for a drink and not waking him up. Maybe once he gets used to me he will be able to sleep through it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverna View Post
    to see what its like on that side of the tapes
    lol'd at that.

    I find using lots of powder helps make them easier to sleep in.

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