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    I'm a long time lurker on adisc and other sites like this. I'm also (of course) a long time ABDL (more on the DL side of the spectrum). I enjoy reading, cooking, cycling (road bike), and spending time with my family. Happily I'm in an accepting type relationship and I enjoy the lifestyle.

    One reason for creating a profile is that I actually have been working on a sort-of DL? AB? (I don't know how it will turn out precisely) themed story that I kind of want to share. I have read many others' works over the years and I guess now is the time to contribute myself. Perhaps I'll also have some other bits of wisdom to share as well.

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    Welcome, storywriter. I'm one of the Stories forum mods, and we are always interested in new voices. When you get the chance, stop by, read some of the work that has been posted there as well as the forum rules, and see if you think you'd like to give us a try. Meanwhile, welcome to ADISC. There's a lot more here than just the stories (which is really a very small part of the site.) Congrats on the accepting relationship; lots here will be very jealous of that.

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    Welcome! There are some good stories here, but I am sure yours are just the kind we need. Wish I new I was DL back when I was younger and picking a career. Would have been nice to try. LOL I mostly worked medical profession.

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