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    I have had some favorite blankets that I call blankies for a long time. It started with a grey one that a stranger at a bus stop gave me because my coats were boxed in my under the bus cargo. Then my mother in law got me the dove fabric softener blanket. My school sent me a school blanket. Now my favorite one is a leopard print half throw. I bought it from Walmart for sewing infinity scarves for my daughters and only ended up using half of it so the other half ended up in my bed.
    I do not think I had a favorite blanket as a baby, but when my daughter was 18 months old we found she needed one when we let her spend the night at grandma's and did not think to send it. That was a midnight trip to grandma's to give it to her.
    So I have been sleeping with one for 13-14 years and never cared who knew. I am a small lady, so need all the extra warmth I can get.

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    I have two star wars blankies. Custom made by my mom. I honestly think she knows about me ab side.

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    I never had a blankie when I was younger but I have recently grown accustomed to one I bought not too long ago.

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    I'va always had a blankie and while Ive always loved plushies, I hated them in my bed, which is how I know plushies (except Rabbit) are purely a little thing for me!! I miss my original blankie (My cot quilt), he had finally reached the end when I turned 16 so I bought my current one (an awesome baby one just for snuggles), which I also super love!! I have several Fleece blankets and Throws that are just for me special ones :3 I plan on making some soon!! A little baby sized carebear snuggle blanket and a big normal sized band-t-shirt blanket

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    I'm pretty sure and know from photos that I did not have a blanket when I was a baby because I born so early and small. I might have had one when I got big enough. I got a blanket in my teenage years. A few years later I got two more blankets. I actually only recently used one of them for the first time.

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    when i was little being born in 1968 my mom use to make all our clothes, she made me a custom baby blanket with silk blanket inside and sewed 8 x 8 squares on the outside!! from used materials like jean pockets, couch fabric, t shirts etc!!!! I love it but will never actually use it as i did younger, today i like my little ponies one to match my sheets and window blinds I usually ball it up close to my face so my binky rests on it and dont lose it in the night

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