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    Hi, I'm a (boy) software geek that probably potty trained too early, and I was always jealous of the other kids, because diapers were so cute and attractive to me (unless they made a stinky.) I got into bdsm fantasies as a kid, and would frequently masturbate to the thought of being held down or tied up and diapered. In college, I played with my girlfriend who was very tolerant, but not self-motivated, but we had a switch relationship. I figured if she wouldn't forcibly baby me, I'd baby her.

    Favorite thing that happened was we made a bet about something I knew I was right on, and her penalty was to wear a diaper for 48 hours (over the weekend) no bathroom privileges. I made her suck a pacifier when she was disrespectful, even in front of her roommate, it was basically like a gag. She could take it out of course (after a designated timeout), but if she was disrespectful, or if conversation stopped, back in it went for a new time-out. She was very undisciplined and unhealthy, which is why I eventually left her, but we did have a lot of fun together, and she did learn how to push my buttons (in a good way).

    Fast forward to now, I'm married to a very vanilla wifey-poo, and she doesn't really want to push my buttons. I've not even brought up diapers to her, because I want to get past the fetishes I'm not as ashamed about (gender-bending, role-reversal, and her dommeing me) before I even get to diapers. But I think I'm going to introduce her to it soon, in a fun way (I'll get the babyish ones from ABU or Bambino, and like I'll wear them to the movies or concerts so I don't miss anything, and she can wear one too). As long as I keep it fun, I'm safe, I think. I've been the one paying the bills for a while now, and as a result, I think she's wanting to humor me more than before.

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    Hi sbslavex! How are you? Welcome to ADISC. I see you're a baseball fan from NY - Mets or Yankees?

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    I am great how are you? Welcome aboard.

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    Hello SB, you sound fun even though I have never been interested in dominating or being dominated. Welcome to ADISC.

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