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Thread: Attend's value tier Poly brief's

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    Default Attend's value tier Poly brief's

    I just ordered these and they have arrived, I plan on trying them out real soon so i will include a review in this thread when the time come's.

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    If they are anything like the waistband briefs or worse, how much valueless can it be?

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    Well i just tried them about a day ago and I will now rate each aspect of the diaper from 1-10.

    Tape's 6 they seem to hold up pretty well and they tear the diaper when you pull them off so strong enough to keep your diaper in place.

    Absorbency 5 They can handle about 1 fairly large wetting.

    Leg gather's 4 They didnt do too well on holding the pee in when I sat down on a hardwood chair which isnt to say my weight couldnt have been the cause but eh.

    Fit 7 The fit wasnt bad again with my weight I should either lose alot of it to fit them better or buy a pack of large's.

    Well that's about it they are a pretty decent diaper for what I paid, I got 24 for 11.00 USD so not bad IMHO.

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