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    ADISC Intro Post

    Hello there everybody. My name's Burgundy Rhinoceros 90 & I'm a person who is highly interested in infantilism & the world of Adult Babies & Adult Toddlers themselves.

    When everyone found out they didn't take the news too well at all but this was only because of my lack of courage to tell people in the first place.

    The age that I like to roleplay as a 48 month old boy (4 years) whenever my spare time is available to me.

    I was brought to ADISC because of my
    interest in regression, toddler related
    memorabilia & also because I
    like to act like a toddler quite a lot
    (rather than acting like an adult)
    everywhere my travels take me to.

    An experience that happened in 2008 though was the main reason that got me interested in this stuff in the first place!

    What happened was: Basically, when I out doing a regular shopping trip in my local Town Centre one day a thought came into my head. This thought was one that seemed kind of weird to me at first but it eventually sunk in after a few seconds. The thoughtthat got into my head was- I wonder what a dummy tastes like? which resulted in me heading over to the grocery store to purchase some dummies from the baby & toddler aisle of the store then come out of it to make my way back to the car park to travel back home again.

    My interest has became so big now that one of the only ways that I'm able to sleep properly is if one of my dummies is nearby me or attached to a clip (so I don't lose it during the night) & in my mouth until the light of day arrives though my bedroom window.

    Other interests that I have are Cookery, Baseball, Mahjong, Reading + a whole lot more apart from those. Meeting up with other people around me in person would be a really fun time for me however because of my shyness it can be quite for me to find the right people to hang about with.

    From joining ADISC, I am hoping that there will more people to speak to who are just like me. It would also be really nice if some opportunities arose for me because then there would be more people to share things with including my experience about being an Adult Toddler so far & just generally get to know other members of this website.

    Sorry if my post isn't too good as this is something completely new for me which I have never done before ever in my entire life.

    Anyway thanks for reading my post & have a nice day! P.S. Sorry about the length too but it was difficult thinking about what to say to the community online.

    From Burgundy Rhinoceros 90.

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    Hello Burgundy Rhinoceros 90 and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative introduction.

    I would suggest you check out our Foodies Group.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Burgundy Rhinoceros-what a name! So do you have any cool recipes? What sorts of books do you read?

    And welcome!

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    Have you read any of the dragonlance books

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