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Thread: Hi i just joined yesterday but haven't had a chance to do my introduction til now.

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    Default Hi i just joined yesterday but haven't had a chance to do my introduction til now.

    Hi, I'm a pc gamer. Right now I mainly just play diablo 3. I have my own clan and is doing good so far I have 48 members. I also like playing basketball in my yard. Recently I've been working out to keep in shape. I lift weights. I can only lift 110 pounds.

    I could probably lift little more, but I want to stick to a routine so I don't get burnt out or discouraged. Just to put this out there I'm a dl. It all started when I was 8 years old when I went to my best's friend's house.

    He wore diapers to bed and that's how I got interested into diapers. I never tried wearing one of his diapers though. I was to scared because i have a sister and brother that had friends there too.

    I never really mentioned anything about his diapers besides that one time when he got punished and had to wear a diaper all day. That's when he asked if i wanted to try one on. I said no your the one with the health condition not me.

    Now that i think about it I could have worded that nicer, but I was only 8 at the time. Anyways we dropped the subject and played with the drum set in his basement. My first diaper I tried on was when I was 24 yrs old. I gotten couple free samples online.

    I only wear diapers once every year or so. I'm very secretive about it and only wear free samples through the mail. My parents live with me so I have to keep a down low not even they know about my secret.

    So unfortunately I rarely get a chance to wear diapers, but when I do I enjoy every moment of it. Well my parents do know that i have and interest in them, because they checked the mail and found one of my free sample packs.

    They never confronted me about it and just simply threw away the package. I just continue on pretending like they don't know even though I know they do.

    While growing up I would always go online and look at diapers through the night while everyone was sleeping or when no one was home. The internet helped kept my interest in wanting to wear diapers.

    Anyways thanks for reading this. I know its kind of long and I apologize for that.

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    Thanx ..... Ok this is kind of embarrassing, but I sometimes make my own home made diapers out of garbage bags and paper towels. Only bad thing bad about that is it can leak out the back and sometimes the sides if your not careful.
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    Welcome to ADISC, Rafiki! I'm given to understand that's a really widespread practice, so no sweat there.

    Nice intro, by the way. Do you have any questions, comments, concerns?

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    Do not worry about that. When you read through the back issue threads in the different forums you will find out this is a common phase at the start of the fetish.

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    I have been in that same stage for years. I used to use towels or anything else that looked absorbant. I never tried paper towels, because I am not that careful. I think that is part of the guilt for me because I always used to tell myself that I would be carefully, but in the moment it was way too hard to stop so I had a lot of wet beds from where I got too carried away.
    When my grandma died I inherited some of her washable bed supplies. I do not know if my mom thought I needed them or for one of my kids, but I have taken full advantage of having it.
    About a month or two ago I started the samples. I did get caught when my kids opened a package and told my fiance what was inside, but he did not ask me about it, so I have no clue what he was thinking.
    Right now I am waiting for my full package to come on Tuesday with my first real diaper purchase (besides of course diapers for my kids, which oddly enough was just as nerve-racking to purchase when I first became a mom). I am hoping the kids do not find out, but if they do, I already had a good talk with my fiance about it, so I know what he will be thinking.

    Welcome to ADISK. Have fun in your journey. There is a lot of advice on how to hide, order, reveal depending on what is best for you.

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    Thanks for sharing your story fascinating. Sorry for the late response, I've been at my sister's place and she doesn't have internet unfortunately. Just got back today. Thank you to all that responded to my introduction much appreciated.

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    Hi and welcome!!! I hope you enjoy dl and this site as much as i do!!!

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