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    Hi, I want to introduce myself. Again. Yes you read that right, again.

    I signed up about 2-3 years ago on a different account. I was underage and then ADISC changed it's rules so minors couldn't sign in or sign up. Now I'm old enough I decided to re sign up!

    I forgot all my old credentials and it just made it easier to make a new account.

    So hi to all.... Again

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    Welcome to ADISC. You say your favourite nappy is Pampers Baby, I could no longer fit into baby nappies at 13 so that's interesting. I'm guessing during your babyhood you were in plastic-backed pampers? UK baby nappies were at their absolute best in the mid-nineties, baby nappy technology was putting on the shelves the best and most absorbent still plastic-backed baby nappies and then Pampers ruined it all by switching to cloth-backed in the middle of 2000! I'm twenty one myself and during my babyhood I was in plastic-backed pampers, I potty trained aged 2 and a 1/2 but when my younger brother came into the 'equation' in 1997 fate started a new countdown and by the time he was two (and I was six) I was taking his nappies and openly wearing them - I suppose I wanted attention - I'd always been the baby of the family oh yeah and a single child - up 'till that point of course!

    You don't have to listen to me at all but if you want to re-experience a really good plastic-backed nappy (but in an adult size) try getting your hands on some Tena Slips, 1. They're awesome 2. They're legendary and 3. Tena the company is now fazing out the plastic-backed Tena's/those plastic-backed Tena's of which I've been all appraisiatical. Get some, you won't regret it!

    I think it'll be interesting to e-speak to somebody who is now where I was three years ago (yes I could have come on here three years ago but 1. a lot of big things happened to me before my Eighteenth so I was kinda distracted 2. I hadn't forgiven ADISC for their age banning move about two years previously and 3. When I wasn't remembering ADISC under a bad light I just completely forgot them!) and I must also say...sorry if I've come on a bit thick in this hello-to-you-from-me, I apologise it's a bit wordy but I'm that kind of person...hang me!

    Welcome back to ADISC, you'll have a great time on here, I've only been on here since this January and I already feel like I'm part of a big family - which in itself is a weird image 'coz in a family there's lots of ages lumped together and a vast majority of us are really - if you boil it down to the nub - infant age.

    Welcome back to ADISC, I'm gonna' leave it there. BMS

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    For me I don't remember wearing plastic-backed nappies, I might've done I can't remember if they had changed in the mid to late 90's. Also thanks for the warm welcome back. That was a lot to read for a welcoming but I enjoyed the story

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    Quote Originally Posted by bringmesunshine View Post
    ...and then Pampers ruined it all by switching to cloth-backed in the middle of 2000!
    Pampers was the first brand to go cloth-like in the UK? Here in the States, we've got Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand to blame for that. Pampers still had a poly backsheet until Pamper Premium were introduced sometime in the mid '90s. Pampers Baby-Dry stayed poly for a few years after, but then switched as well. Finally Luvs (another Procter & Gamble brand) switched around 2000.

    Interestingly, Kimberly-Clark is still manufacturing it's adult diaper (Depend) with poly backsheets.

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