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    Lightbulb Hi There.

    I am Seanas, I'm shy, i live with parents still and i work as a sanitation engineer at a doctors office. I play second life as a little cub fennec and as my main fursona i am a Squirrel that is in 20s (my RL age) This is going to be a bit more than an introduction but i really need help before i start getting comfortable again.

    I unfortunately don't have enough to get my own place but i came here because i am in dire need of help as my parents are not very understanding of my "ways" and i cannot explain in a way they understand and my father especially penalizes and says I'm a freak and that embarrassed with me. Also that im not actually smart enough to not spread around places i shouldn't. I'm not silly enough to do that i know my limits. My mother is a little bit more understanding but still do not want to see it or want anything to do with it obviously but that's understandable.

    I do not want them to deal with it either i just want to be able to be myself but i keep going through a cycle of back and forth the all famous *binge purge cycle* it is not good. I guess you could say it is like a curse, something i did not choose but i also enjoy doing it.

    The only reason it would be a curse is because its something that's very difficult for most people to understand. I really do enjoy it and hanging around people that also enjoy it which makes me feel better that I'm not the only one. I apologize for this long introduction but i have no where else to go and i certainly do not think any psychologists etc will be of any help because this is something that is not very well understood scientifically.

    We just have to deal with it and keep on going. I will add more information to this post as required. I have to rush to work now and be back in 4 hours nice to finally join a new community with common grounds. peace-out.

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    Hello Seanas and welcome to the group.

    This was a very good introduction.

    I think you will find a lot of good information here.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Welcome to ADISC. Sorry to hear your Father is unexcepting of you, My Father (who I still live with aged 21 (my real age as well...promise)) has only just absolutely excepted me - after years of: hurt, pain, looks of disgust, demands to stop it/pack it in, embarrassment, fears of future/down-the-line embarrassment, long difficult verbal explanations (on my part/from me to him), driving me to my first ABDL Nursery experience and talking in-depth to the owner and care giver, shared watchings of 'centric programs and a summer long in-family nappy exposť project (quite literally/was what-it-says-on-the-tin if you get my meaning). The short version is my Father's excepted me so there's hope for you...and every nappy-wearing son who's not currently being excepted by his Father.

    I was also Asexual (not interested in either sex I mean! Don't get the wrong end of the stick...that also sounds a bit wrong...ha ha) until the age of 19, I didn't have the usual/almost stereotypical teenagehood that so may teenagers have and some big things happened to me in my family from the age of 13 onwards that took a while to wear maybe it's not surprising. Anyway I was asexual until the age of 19. I'm not now! Not at all! I completely straight and heavily into/attracted to girls...are they attracted, that's a strange place to leave a piano(maybe some other time)!

    Welcome to ADISC again, it's a great, understanding and excepting place. BMS

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    I am a little bit settled now but you do not know my father he is a very assertive man that i guess could not ever see his own son practicing babyish things. I managed to make him think "oh you wanna be 16 year old again oh i thought you meant baby" My mother sent me this text before, "Dont 4get yor dad still luvs you. Its just e dunt understand. Hes a macho man. Ill always try and support ya. Just keep it in yor own space pet.... luv u x" So yeah she still doesn't want to see it but that is fair enough i would kind of feel weird doing that to be honest anyways. I wouldn't want my Real parents seeing me that way. I just wanted to be accepted that is all and i guess she does but it is probably best to let my father alone on it because yeah. Anyways it is a pleasure to join this community and i am sure that i will be able to feel more "with myself" on my desires eventually.

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    hi seanas and welcome!!!! Im shy to too and have been where you are years ago!!! I have learned there is alot of ignorance towards people like us who just cant understand and accept us for who we are !! be patient!! I finally joined this site after years of being afraid someone would find out about the truth!! nice intro , welcome again and hope you enjoy this site as do.

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    I am sure that i will. Thank you for saying so. I guess one has to learn not to care what others think about things that are apparently "not normal" lol just also gotta be careful who knows cos its a dangerous world out there, Thar be dragons.

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    Welcome janus. There be dragons indeed. My mom didn't accept it when she found my stuff, but fortunately my wife is accepting. Ultimately, your best hope is to get a place of your own. I'm glad you joined our merry group. We are a support group first and foremost, so we will be here for you.

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    This is such an awesome support group. We do not even have the 12 steps. We just have fun, fun, fun in our diapers and everybody else here gets it.

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