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Thread: Non Gross AB/Little video chat

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    Default Non Gross AB/Little video chat

    So, anyone know where you could chat via video with other ab's in a non sexual manner of either gender?

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    Skype is good for this. Just have to get to know people. Lot's of people have Skype now adays.

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    I would recommend meeting people and then setting up a video chat with them. I don't foresee you being able to legitimately find someone in a random video chat site. I could be wrong though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyMitchy View Post
    Skype is good for this. Just have to get to know people. Lot's of people have Skype now adays.
    I agree with BabyMitchy. Skype might be the best way to go. I use it a lot to chat with other AB/DL's.

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    I have a Skype for my personal life, but I've been on Chat roulette and Omeagle before. In fact I still remember I found a TBDL on Chat Roulette and I tried to talk to him (he was laying on his bed in diapers, stuffed animal, and paci...obviously doing what is well known for Chat Roulette) but he skipped me because I'm a dude. So obviously someone who gets off showing off his kink to random girls online. Gross.

    Anywho. I'm open to creating a Skype for close friends within the AB community but I will barely use it to even begin with.

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    Also open to the idea of Skype...though I feel paranoid about people recognizing me or being able to trace my ABDL activities to my in practice, I guess not really open to the idea? I have done Livestreams before for my DA account...but never anything where my face could be seen.

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    Set-up a separate Skype account for this particular interest...


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    i dont have a problem with this. i have quite a few skype friends who are abdls and i chat with them al the time on skype. usually tho with new people who add me. i dont like to video with them straght away. i kinda like to get to know them a little first. plus the whole wearing of diapers and having binkies/paci's in there mouths and stuff really dosnt even make me think twice. i mean from one abdl to another its just us being ourselfs.

    however the whole messing on cam and wetting oneself on cam is not really something i agree with. that part of it is a personel thing and should be kept so, not shared on the internet and used as material by people to get off over.

    * over and out *

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    Yeah, I am a little wary of using SKYPE here since I have my real name, phone and facebook connected to it.

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