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    I finally gave in to temptation and ordered a bag of Tena Slip Maxis from B4NS, but while I'm excited I'm also cognisant of the fact that spending $65 on one bag of diapers isn't something I'll be able to do all that often. Which brings me to Canadian Tenas: are any of them plastic-backed? Or are they all cloth-backed? I actually enjoy wearing cloth-backed diapers but I'm pretty loyal to Lilles. Is there a Canadian Tena that's similar to the Slip Maxi?

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    As far as I know, all of the stuff we have here in Canada is cloth backed, the closest I've seen to plastic backed is the small sized supers, which have a plastic landing zone. The medium diapers are all cloth afaik, and I've seen some large with the plastic landing zone as well. I've worn the cloth back tenas for years, as they are cheap and easy to come by, but I don't think there are plastic backed tenas being shipped here for sale.


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    I recently ordered Tena Maxi Slips from B4NS and they still have them with plastic cover.

    They also advised me they have received their last shipment of those plastic covered diapers and they will not be available anymore after they run out of stock. I quickly ordered 5 more cases and I should be good for the next six months or so.

    If you like the plastic Tena Maxis I would advise you to act now, time is running out.

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