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Thread: Total DRy Plus 25% off

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    Default Total DRy Plus 25% off

    Got a email from bambino and thought i would share it

    Up To 25% OFF!
    25% OFF TotalDry Plus Cases
    20% OFF TotalDry Plus Bags
    Offer valid: 5/7 - 5/21 PST or until supplies last
    The TotalDry Plus Brief is one of the last all plastic diapers available in the market. It is the only brief with FULLMAT construction (full wings front and back, great for side sleepers). Besides the full mat construction it is the only all plastic brief with an extra set of inner leg gathers for the best containment available in a day time brief.

    With its reinforced frontal landing zone it becomes absolutely the only all plastic brief which can be adjusted without tearing the plastic (excess powder or oil on the landing zone will affect its performance). With the most competitive delivered price this SALE gives the consumer the best value anywhere in the country, given comfort, design and features. And the price includes FREE delivery.

    Let us know what you think.

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    I saw that last night. I have purchased them in the past when they were called Secure Plus. If I remember correctly they were good quality but not super absorbent. I think I might order some because the price is good and I'm running low on medium quality diapers.

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    I've tried the X Plus. This sounds like a step down, but the price looks enticing. May have to take advantage.

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    Sold out.... Still not available in Australia though

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    I received mine today. They are pretty clumpy when wet. I think if I stuff them with a size 6 baby diaper they would be a decent diaper. But for he price, no regrets.

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    they still have larges and mediums

    I personally just stocked up on diapers recently have no real need for it but hey its always nice to throw this out so people know about it !

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    Got my pack yesterday, finally have the time to try one on. Compared to what I've had before (mostly Depend RealFits...), these feel so much better. I did pick up a pack of M4's from Amazon a little while ago and have used a couple of them, these definitely don't feel like they'd hold as much but that's what I expected.

    Also had my first awkward experience while picking up. Missed the first UPS delivery since I was at work, and I didn't trust that I would ever be at home on the other 2 delivery attempts so arranged for pickup at the UPS facility. The guy went into the room and couldn't find my box, he asked what I had ordered. Didn't really want to say that I got diapers, so I only said that it should be in one box. He ended up letting me go into the room and help look, and I found it within about 30 seconds lol.

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    I picked up a case due to my prior experience with the product. Unfortunately, I think they're a little less absorbent than they were as Secure Plus, and more importantly for me, the plastic doesn't feel very nice. The old Secure Plus has such nice soft, smooth plastic, and these have a much less pleasant textured quality. They're still worth it at 25% off but for me, it's just barely. I was hoping for a better new low capacity diaper. The search continues!

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    the absorbency isn't really good, and they're kinda ugly, but the leak guards are pretty good and they're not as expensive as higher end diapers.

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