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    obviously this forum requires some kind of introduction. I tend to be a bit shy and prefer to read instead of post, but I guess it's time to get over it at least for this post. So let's see if this breaks the barrier for future posts .

    Since my childhood I had the problem that I needed to use the toilet way too often like 20 to 30 times a day. This can be a real problem if there is no restroom around. I guess that must be how I got to try diapers. My doctor says the bladder capacity problem must have psychic reasons. I could take some medicine, but I liked the diapers more than the side effects of the medicine. But the diapers at least make it possible to do some toilet training.

    Apart from that I'm pretty much into developing software. Usually my job is doing all the impossible things that nobody else is able to do. But with some child-like curiosity and questioning about everything I usually reach my goals.

    I liked the stories and tips and tricks that I found in these forums. That is why I'm here.


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    Welcome to our group, Chandro. I also like to do the impossible with software. Make the computer do things they never thought it could do.

    I had the same urination trouble when I was young. Drove my family nuts. Always needing a restroom close by. Wet my pants at school. I should have been wearing back then.

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    Hey, it's nice to hear that I'm not alone with this. I avoided wetting my pants at school by going to the restrooms twice during the breaks between the lessons - at the beginning and at the end. Most of the children didn't need to use the restroom that often. I never understood how they were doing this. I often thought I should do some bladder training, but I was too afraid of wetting my pants at school.

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    Welcome Chandro! Nice to hear about your childhood. One of must children started experiencing that issue, but we were able to get her to the dr and get it cleared up before it became too much of a problem. I have not experienced anything like that. I just like diapers because they are so warm and comforting. They excite me sometimes.

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    Hi and welcome Chandro!!! I was ic at age 16 after a car accident I had no insurance so no doctor would help me!! i would have to pee with less then 5 ounces and it comes like a freight train Im here to learn listen and help if possible!!!

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