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Thread: AB themed commercials

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    Default AB themed commercials

    I'm not sure if this should go in the Adult Baby section or the Other section but anyways I just saw this on facebook and I was like huh... Progressive and their new babyman campaign... Progressive Insurance | Babyman | Time to grow up
    It's interesting even though I don't think it would make me want to switch to progressive xD
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    Can't find the video but there's a skit they did on SNL where Louis CK is in it, and his "boss" in the skit is a man that has the physical attributes of a baby. Not totally an AB skit but it did make me chuckle on a few levels. But that Progressive ad is just dumb.

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    That was funny. O actually already use that company and did not know about this. I will be switching as soon as my current one runs out. That is due to marriage next month & not the commercial though.

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    If they look weird to us, imagine how we would look to the uninitiated. I saw the Saturday Night Live skit and though it was funny, I felt a little uncomfortable watching it with my wife.

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    I thought that was hilarious. I think the actor played it perfect. I really don't think that people would get weirded out by that commercial, we might have a connection to it, but i think that most people get the ultimate message which is, 'grow up and get your own insurance'. If it was promoting being a baby and carried around, then it would be weird to people, it would have to have a finishing line of 'stay your age, hang onto your parents insurance' rather than 'act your age, get off your parents insurance,' or however it goes.

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    um, what must the outside world think of us?

    I wish we could show ourselves in a really different light!

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