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Thread: How To Throw Out Trash?

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    I have a trash bag full of diapers. I live with my parents and am hiding the bag under my bed in a suit case. How do I throw it out??? We don't get trashed picked up as my grandmother comes over everyday to take out the trash.

    I've never been to the local landfill. What do I do once I get there? Confused.

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    well if you bring your drivers license with you then you can prove you are a resident, landfills like to know that you are a resident if they have somebody at a station checking people in, otherwise they charge you. You should be able to look online and find out where your landfill is located at. Sometimes there are public locations where there is just a huge pile of dumpsters you can put trash in too.

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    Are they used diapers? How long have you had them under your bed? I would be concerned about the odor first. Use the scented trash bags or sprinkle baking soda in the bag to absorb the odors. Do you have transportation to a public landfill? Are there any dumpsters closer like behind a store? Volunteer to help grandma out and take the trash out is another solution.

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    Odor has been an issue but I've contained it well. I can drive to the landfill yes.

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    If you drive, do you get gas? Can you toss a bag at the station while filling up? Not sure how many trips that would take depending on the size of your collection, but maybe top off your tank every day until all gone. Of course if someone else is also driving the car, they would think they hit the lottery with a full tank every day so no fill ups in that case.

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