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Thread: First diaper you wore for pleasure

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    Default First diaper you wore for pleasure

    Mine was the Bellisimo's just a few months ago. Wet them in my bed and they are still my favorite of the adult diapers I've tried.

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    My first diapers were one's I made from Toilet paper and garbage bags, eventually I wen't out and bought depends though.

    I did this in 7th grade BTW

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    mine were the original pampers from age 9 on, long gone you can try them on ebay but i will win!!! today i buy depends plastic for an easy fix at walmart or rite aid my fav molicare they fit snug love the purple!!! bellisimos for the bulge. m4s for the long trip pullups or goodnights for fun but i easily tear the cloth off love the plastic feel I give them a quick spray of secret aerosol powder fresh (baby smell like pampers)

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    Depends. At the time they had promotional 1packs on sale for $1.00 each

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    It was Cuddlz drydayz plain nappy about a couple of years ago.That was the first time I wore a nappy since I was a baby and I'm now 35.

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    Some baby diapers as a teenager. Not sure which ones, but probably pampers

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    I wore a Depend Fitted Overnight Brief, that was my first adult diaper. That was about 10 years ago, now I wear Dry 24/7's

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    Cloth baby diapers and pins -- from about age six until age 12 or 13. My parents kept all of the diapers my sister and I wore as babies, and I never lost track of them.

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    My first diapers were makeshift and then baby diapers, both disposable and cloth. Ah....those were the days.

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    For me it was just huggies diapers that was left over from someone else's kid being potty trained and it was given to me for a doll I once had. I kept that doll for as long as possible and never used those huggies for their intended purpose I would just slip it into my pants and sleep in it when without wetting when the tapes got ruined and the next one would actually be hidden in plain sight on my plushie of a ewok doll that my parents still have in the attic at their house. I did this when I was 7-10 years old though I never got serious into this until after I was 16 afterwards and had no "need" for plushie's according to my parents.

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